Friday, May 27, 2011

Why The Heck Is Everyone Is Dying To Be On The Tube?

Tell me whats wrong with the society,
When everywhere I look I see,
Young girls are dying to be on TV,
They won't stop till they've reached their dreams,
Diet pills, surgery,
Photoshop pictures in magazines,
Telling them how they should be,
It doesn't make sense to me..

One Question : Why the heck is everyone today seems to want to be famous so bad? 

You can see this trend is actually becoming a phenomenon today. Youtube today, for example, is full of crappy videos, done by these kind of people, looking for fame. And the rules are if you got the highest compliments from the comments, you WIN, and the other way around will be cursed, mocked and rated with tonnes of "dislikes". 

This is one example of those craps vids. They really thought that they really got talent to show, although they were truly do not. All they have is time and a camera.

Okay okay, that were me and my youngest sister. Lalala~

Well yeah, thats what happened today, so what? What's your problem?

My problem? Okay let me tell you what. Its sad to see how our Muslim girls today have also get affected so badly to this trend. Yeah they dressed appropriately, wore hijab, Islamic looks, no aurah is exhibited. And then they uploaded some of their own videos, just like the crappy video above, strum the guitar, make a cover for a song and sing it. And as comments are tumbling in, they suddenly became famous in a blink of an eye, mostly not coz they sung great or magnificent guitar play or nice rhythm or whatsoever pertaining to talents, but its all was just fueled from the way she looked in that video. Cute face, slight fame. Not-really-cute face, nobody cares. Thats the system, right?

And they thought they've done nothing wrong. Wearing hijab, covering aurah, appropriate attire. That'll be just enough for them perhaps. But they forgot..


Well hell, I don't think they forgot, or don't even know about it. Its just they don't really care about it. Fame is in the top list! So they thought by wearing baju kurung, hijab would be enough to blindfold people that they are good Muslim girls and portrayed good Islamic looks. 


Youtube so-called artists. Yeah, real "Islamic". 



Alan said...

Yes, its rite, all most all over the world it become a trend of show off their talent through just like these attitude but its not a proper way.
Its just for a fame. its according to human nature that every one wish that every one know him / her but the way on which they choose to get it its a main thing.It may be a good quality work or may be a bad and board.Good work gain a good fame.

speace said...

can't agree more wif alan, + the things here r;
be proper n humble in typifying our talents, please.
showing off is no good, seriously.

everything you define me said...

Thanks Alan and the anon. Indeed its true, having a flair for something might be a stepping stone for someone to reach fame, but not having any but still wanna get attention is amusing.

Anyway I am more intended to focus of viewing this problem in our Ummah society, where fame came first on the list rather than sharia. This is getting worst each day.