Saturday, May 14, 2011


I don't know why these days I kind of miss everything and everybody in USIM. And I meant every single thing, the cats at the cafe, the moseying fellow, futsal at Nilai 3, the annoying bus, the panoramic lakeview, the damn Streamyx Zone connection, the noises in my room, enthusiasms to Plant vs Zombies, addiction to Pro Evolution Soccer, cats' poops in front of my house; everything! 

Absence makes heart grows fonder. Indeed. 

I really can't believe that I miss the poops. Freaking retarded =.=

But anyway the thing that keeps roaming in my mind the most must be my good-for-nothing housemates. Hehe. We were all living in the mirth together, no pressure, no fights, no confrontational looks; we were really happy together throughout the whole semester. We kept singing along every nights :)

(Thats why our house is the noisiest in the block. You can even heard us from as far as the cafe, seriously)


Here are our memorable epic video, us singing along together "Situasi" by Bunkface in the house :)

                                                             Singing Along "Situasi"

Memory never fades :)

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Safwan said...

nice one.

Ikmal Hakim.