Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Greater Good

Hot Fuzz is a great movie and one of my favorite movie ever. It's an old stuff and I've been watching it for a million time but still catches my laughters. But despite of those ridiculous jokes and comedies there are still one great value portrayed in this movie.

Sgt Angel : Why are you accommodate the under-ages in the pub?

Pub owner : Well they might be a year or two south of proper but if we let them in here it prevent them from getting into trouble out there.

His wife : The way we see it its all for the greater good.

Pub owner : Yeah, the greater good.

Forget about the under-ages and the pub, it is the "greater good" that matters. This movie taught me on how we sometimes have to ignore what people says and the typical of the society, the norms or whatsoever that get on the way to be better things, in order to be good.

Which reminds me to the brilliant quote from my beloved English lecturer:

"Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind"


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