Monday, November 25, 2013

LGBT - Is It Okay?

I don't think I need to clarify to you what is LGBT in the first place. It is, by the way,  a more decent way to refer to the community of homosexuals. And there has been a lot of debate over this term nowadays; some agree to accept them as part of the community, some disagree. And some others would grab popcorn and just enjoy those people arguing over a group of homosexuals.

Me? Lets cut to the chase; I don't. But I am not radically oppose them in the community. And I have my own reasons why.

First let me just emphasize that I just don't agree to accept the idea that they should freely practice their homosexuality in the community. I do accept them as part of the community, as we cannot deny the fact that they are out there, but I don't like the idea of accepting the homosexuality as something normal. I believe it is not.

There are some claims, however, about a study that shows that homosexuality doesn't just exist amongst human but also in several kinds of animal. I had never came across it but for the sake of argument, lets just assume there is and it is true. But does it render that homosexuality is normal? Well, its tempting, but no. Just because there exist some homosexuality cases in nature doesn't mean we as a human being should accept it as normal in our eyes too.

In the same sense, well, to practice incest is also in nature. Animals, they do it all the time. They don't even have any idea who is legitimate to mate up with and whose not. They don't even care. -_-

But does that mean we have to accept it in the community too, and accept it as normal all the way? Unequivocally, no.

In this case, I would say its all about moral values, ethics and being 'human'. And talking about values, we should relate them closely to the religion we strongly beholden to, be it Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hinduism etc. Me as a devout Muslim, I shall and will always follow everything that He had set as a guidance for us pertaining to 'values'.

Allah (S.W.T) has made it clear to us Muslims about the matter of human values and even, homosexuality (as we were discussing). A translation of the Holy al-Quran, chapter 26 verse 165-166: "Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!". Clearly, being homosexual shouldn't be acceptable in the community according to Islam, as it is considered as crossing the line. It is not the path that is meant for as a normal human being, and therefore should not be viewed as normal.

There are several other places in the Holy al-Quran that mentions about how homosexuality is a profound wrongness. But wait a minute, you might think why the heck am I bringing all of this verses up. You might say that I shouldn't have taken this matter into a religious context. Well, where else should I take it when it is about values and ethics? And even if you're not a Muslim, you should also agree that homosexuality is unethical because there's no religion that accept homosexuality to be normal. (correct me if I am wrong)

And to legalize it in our country, I don't think it is a wise idea considering that Malaysia is an Islamic country, with Islam as its official religion and the majority of Malaysians are Muslim. Plus, if it is allowed in our country, it will looks like we somehow advocating it, don't you think?

I didn't say that we should oppose and detest these kind of people. Yeah, some of us might feel disturbing to even set eye on them, with some of them may be dressing like transvestites and act inappropriately but nonetheless, they are part of the community too. It is utterly unwise to antagonize them and look at them as the outcast of the society. They are truly not.

The way we should treat them shouldn't differ with how we treat other straight people. Embrace them and talk to them. We can guide them back to who they really are, rather than keep claiming that "homosexuality is in the blood" and therefore we are the one who should change and follow their lifestyle. No way. -_-

By the way, as this is a very heavy subject to reach to a point where everyone would agree upon, therefore you don't have to nod to everything I have stated above. Everyone have their own thought; maybe some of you don't agree with part of what I am saying, or maybe all of them, and that doesn't matter. This is my personal thought about this. You're free to think in the opposite way. :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A tangle on a string

High school friends are always the closest one to your heart. Whenever you're on holiday and taking an urban retreat at your peaceful hometown during semester break, they'll be the first one you're gonna seek to hang out with. Right? I do believe most people will agree with me on that.

" Life is like a traveling ship. The sailors make friends at every port of call. But then they have to leave. Next port of call, new experiences, new friends. Years later, the ship comes by the old ports once more. Old friends reunited.

We are all under the same sky where the Lord is, even if we are separated by different geographical lands and seas.

As we stare at the sky above, the sky will gaze upon the very land and people left behind in a journey that will hopefully lead back to the same port of call.."
(credits : Miseria Cantare)

I gotta say, I don't love my friends that I got acquainted at campus the same way as I do to my high school friends. At campus things are much closer to work-related relationship. I mean, we do interacted a lot, do things together most of the time; we even stay in the same house, but the relationship bounds where we got things to do. We are housemates, classmates, room mates and all, but thats it; nothing more. They never make me feel as comfortable to be with as I do with my high school friends.

(I am not being sentimental, I am merely just unearthing whats deeply buried in my heart)

Sometimes I quarreled with my friends at campus, big time. There's no face-punching and nose bleeding, but every time we fight, I am inclined to take the most pacifying way, by giving in and yield. By the end of the day, we would still be friends but the thing will always linger in my mind. "Why couldn't you all be like my high school friends?", I would whisper to myself.

It has been more than 7 years and counting since we first got acquainted at high school, but we never had a fight. There were some little disagreements back in the day, but it won't ended up to be just another scar in the heart. No grudges to hold, no dissatisfaction, no nothing. They won't hurt you as much as anyone would do.

By the end of this semester break, I am beginning to sense it. Its not friendship anymore, its brotherhood; family. Its just like a tangle on a string; which can never be separated. 


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why I.S.A.?

Yeah I know it has been banned, replaced and repealed by the Security Offences Act in 2012, but I wasn't talking about that I.S.A. This is the another kind of I.S.A.; Information Security and Assurance of Computer Science. (I know people would normally associate the acronym I.S.A. with Internal Security Act) -_-

Anyway, this entry is dedicated to our juniors who are still kind of confused, wondering what the heck is I.S.A. is all about. There are basically three kind of reactions to the offer letter that got to their door. Some are freaked out, anticipating this might be some kind of a trash program that the university just randomly throw to any unlucky students; some are the kind of student who just don't care, just accept whatever they got without whining and go with the flow; and some others are very much intrigued with the word I.S.A. and wanna know more about it.

Apparently, the word I.S.A didn't tell much.

Well I've been there too. I was once like you. Perplexed, confused, and pretty much freaked out too. I mean, yeah, what on earth am I supposed to learn taking computer science? And Information, Security and Assurance? What, am I gonna end up being a security personnel or something?

When most of my friends decided just to stick with the course and the path of computer science, I took the drastic move of changing the course and appeal for the other courses. There are several other choices in the faculty, but I chose Food Biotechnology. I guessed that lil bit of enthusiasm in biology I had when I was in school will serve me right.

So did I. Flash forward, a few weeks later, I received a letter telling that my application is granted. Yep, I now stand a chance to be a scientist by pursuing Food Biotechnology program, rather than studying something which I have no idea what it is about, and ending up in a security post with a computer, or something. I now have a chance to embrace a brighter future.

But you know what I did? I turned it down at the very last minute, and decided to stick to the I.S.A. program. Why?

Because there was one day I let myself sunk deeply in thought, thinking about what kind of field of expertise would the world mostly demand on in the future. I mean, I know we should be choosing the field of study in which you're mostly interested in, but seems as I didn't really think that my interest in Biology is any less than being in computer science, then I chose to make a choice that gonna get me job in the future. Enthusiasm will catch on. Don't worry about it.

I believe in the future, which presumably just a few years ahead, the world would heavily cling on the application of computer in our daily life. I mean, just look at the way it is today. In light of the era of Information Age today, the application of computer is so vast and fast growing. In every institution or company in the world, every single data is keyed in into computer and managed electronically. Even today in school, the government are introducing and encouraging the application of technology (computers) that replace text books and physical notes, so that students won't have to carry heavy bags ever again.

Realistically, it is possible that one day pen and paper would cease to exist..

That is the main reason why I chose not to switch courses, and stick with the computer science program. That is the basis of my reversion. And you what, that imagination of the future has slowly beginning to come true. Some of the seniors that have graduated from this course that I met told me they don't have any problems getting a job. Some of them even have more than one job offers, which is, looking to the never ending unemployment problem today, actually quite surprising.

And now, so far, after two years studying I.S.A., all I can say that I have chosen the right choice.  I have never regretted it. Alhamdulillah.

If you're wanna know more about what I.S.A. of computer science is basically all about, click here. I have explained a lil bit about it in the I.S.A.'s official blog.

I know this entry is more to a personal thought rather than explaining what is I.S.A. is all about, but I was just wanna let you know that I have been in your shoes before. I just don't want you to make the same mistake that I have made.

*If you're thinking of applying for another course, its utterly your call. But I suggest you think hardly. Weigh both pros and cons before deciding, for your decision will determine which path are you going for the next four years.

So long. :)