Sunday, October 31, 2010

What A Total Retreat

Assalamua'laikum w.b.t.

Greetings to all bloggers. May Allah bless all of you in His Most Graciousness.

I'm sorry for having no posts as updates for almost 2 weeks. I'm so busy along those weeks, trying to prepare something for my Final Semester Exam (which currently had become a history to me). Well actually its such a tragic history to be remembered, for real, so I'm not bringing it up (never!) Its all about Physics and Maths which I think had never had any mercy on me, yeah, such a naughty wicky tricky exam papers! Hate you damn much!

By the way, what a good riddance you're gone. I have nothing else to breed my hate on.

Talking about exams, there were something else that I haven't told you before. Till now I still couldn't believe myself that I've done it all over. Yeah, its the MUET SPEAKING exam thing! Ever since I walked away from the examination hall, I knew that all the time I spent in fearing that moment was really worthwhile ( well at least, for a while). Haha know what I mean? I've made it! Yeehaww! Alhamdulillah..

Although I knew its not my best shot, but at least, I got the shot. The first time I walked in and saw groups of people sitting in their curiosity, I was almost trembled, yeah like a leaf. But it was so not because of being shy (no time to be so! I'm so busy getting nervous on that time), it was because among all of them, NONE of them were Tamhidians (juniors like me). All of them were seniors, degree students, and they looked so well-prepared. When I sit among of them, I felt smaller and smaller. Huhu. What a situation I was in, so unexpected. On that particular time, I really have a feel that I stand no chance at all to beat them. Yeah, with my broken Terengganu slanged English, and I don't think so. Almost totally hopeless.

Worst, I was allocated to be Candidate A in the first group to be tested on that day. Meaning? I have to start the discussion, conversation and arguments and also, by being Candidate A, I will have nothing to compare to. For other candidates, they can easily wait, listen and write down my points to argue later but me?? Nothing, so i expect my points to be very weak and could easily be threaten by those seniors.

But Thank God, it wasn't as bad as expected, (and I've even gave Candidate C and D some of my best! Hehe..) Alhamdulillah..

Now, I'm so free, liberated and got nothing to do. And damn thats so great! Most importantly I can be on the line for all the day, manage my sole beloved blog, mess around the Facebook, check out the Youtube, and there's so many more to get me going along these holidays! Books? If you show me one, I'll be in no regret to punch you square on the face! Haha.. No man, I'll be off the studying mode till the next semester. I want to have peace in my mind right now and enjoy my life to the fullest with nothing more to worry about. Okay?

By the way, I'm thinking of bringing something new to this blog. I want to, hm, maybe make some renovation in this old blog, as I haven't made one since the first time I published this blogsite. Well probably I'll change the link, layouts, widgets etc. Coz I've getting bored to see the same thing everytime I'm here. And since I'm damn so free right now, I'll be here with my online carpentry kit for some long time, okay.

This blog will be in her new clothes soon. InsyaAllah, later.

Okay dude. Thats all I got for now. Bye.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Post Is Nothing

To be honest and just, this post is frankly nothing. It have nothing to do with you and anyone, but myself. Just a little thought of my own self in this huge widely spread globe; the world. So not to disappoint you, I don’t think you want to read this. Coz at the end of this post you would find it nothing greater than just such a waste of time. Just, skip this ok.

"The day had just blazed its trail, typically and naturally, when the sun had just rise from the East of the yellow horizon at 6.50 a.m. every day. But despite of the normal circumstances and the circulations of the day, my day was in fact starts later, usually 8.00 a.m. in the morning. Yeah, I had always used to wake up late, or later in the morning. And no matter how chaotic the morning is, with my room mates and housemates rushing and dazing and dying to catch the morning bus to the campus, I’m still here in my sweet goodnight’s dreams, coated and warmed, silently sleep in peace in my room. Nothing had interrupted my world, my easy life every day.

Living a student life who studied in my university is actually, yes actually that rough. As our hostels and campus are so far apart,(7 km away), we are so unluckily had to rush for the bus every day. The system runs simple, miss the bus, miss the class. Miss the class, miss the lesson. And that’s the worst part, coz once you miss one part of your lesson here, you will be swept through all other parts. Its extremely hard to catch up once you’re missed you know.

But as now I’ve already had my own transport sent here, the bus had no longer mean a thing to me. And what a good riddance, I don’t have to face the ugly truth of the morning bus ever again, which had always get on my nerve before. You should now how that is really sickening and so off-putting.

For those who read this, I want you to know that, as a science student here who are still struggling for my survival next semester, I’m actually skeptical about my chance for sure. If you do know about my mid semester exam’s results, I guaranteed you wouldn’t wonder why I’m feeling so. In fact, you would feel the same too, I think.

I don’t want to, but it is complementary and was packed in my course to take all 7 credited subjects; Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Arabic, Quranic Studies and MUET. Actually, I don’t have any problems with any of them to study with but, I found it so hard to grasp some of them. For example, I doubted myself to strike Maths and those three science subjects in the incoming final exam with an ‘A’, when actually I wasn’t aimed to have one. My goal is just to pass the exam, not with flying colors, but just to have a higher grade than 1.7. Coz if I’m lower than that, I’ll be out of here.

Oh God, I can’t afford to be so. I’m so don’t wanna be dismissed from my studies here. That will be the biggest failure in my life, and I don’t really know how would I do to face that.

Now, every night, as I lay my eyes on the skies, I got worried. I’m so worried to predict and to think what will be happening next. I’m afraid to embrace my future.

But, as my life goes hard as time flies, someone had suddenly come and knocked to be part of my life. She makes my life wonderful when it turned upside down, and she ease my worries a lot till I have my guts ever again to face the future. Thank God, she came into my life when I am really dying to have someone to talk to.

Jenny, you meant a lot to me now..Thanks.. =) "’re just killing your time reading this thing. Its all just about me..


Friday, October 8, 2010


Plenty of years ago, I have a non-socialize mind, which on that time I personally think that, to deal with girls is to deal with problems. Yeah, I don’t believe them coz they are often got into my nerve and never on the same boat with my mind.

“Love? Nope, no I won’t. The truth is dude, I don’t believe in love, coz personally I think its just disgusting to get over all that romance and melodramas, didn’t it? Girls just shouldn’t be trusted, not at all. The love you’re dreaming with them is just a lie which they had bluffed all over you. All the happiness and mirth you feel to be in love with them is just a fool’s paradise, I assure you. I’ve seen a lot of them happening to my friends, and I’ll see lot more of them soon..”
That was what I thought before. I was not so interested to love or to be loved, so paradoxically different with most of my friends on that time. They’re looked so keen to get into love, or if not, seemed to be so desperate to look for one. And that’s why at only a schooling age, love and all that related to were my friends’ field of expertise; no doubt to say so as they were very well experienced in it. My batch itself was full of couples and mates who are madly in love with each other. I found that kind of atmosphere in my both schooling times; primary school and high school. Yeah, I still have a clear picture in my mind about it.

But when I turned 15, my perceptions on love suddenly turned upside down. I found it no longer such a disgusting thing to talk about, and I totally forgot about the “fool’s paradise” and “melodramas” all over! Yeah, all over..

And now, as I turned 18, I finally got in and living in the ‘fool’s paradise I’ve been talking about years ago.. And I’m kinda love it =)

Now I realized that I was totally mistaken to have a mind as I had years ago. I shouldn’t said so. Women are meant for men and we are meant for them. We shouldn’t deny their presence in our lives coz they’re actually complementing us, our lives. So why don't you appreciate them, boys =)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hijab Is A Savior


I've seen lots of this things and the situations related, but frankly now I couldn't care-less because they're getting on my nerve everytime it got in my sight. It made me so irritated to see how our obligations hadn't make any sense on them, besides they even ridiculed them. Well whats what? Folks, its all about the hijab and our women.

Being in Islamic Science University of Malaysia made me feel so lucky. Everytime I saw a girl here, I was captivated. How beautiful, how courageous and how feminine a girl is; I found it the best in her hijab. And here I found it everywhere, every girls here are beautifully dressed with her hijab is on. So I fall in love everyday, with every girl I found here. (literally)

But out there, I paradoxically found the upside downs of every girl I met in USIM. I ain't saying all, but mostly yes, they're not so fond to have their hijab on. Yeah plenty of them wears on, but seems like they are forced to do so, because the hijab they're wearing, oh my God what to say, erm the hijab they're wearing are so so inappropriate. Yeah, thats the better word.. Inappropriate. They're not really satisfy the functions itself; to have their aurah covered, as a prevention of any sexual abuse and to raise the dignity, honor and pride of a women itself. The hijab they're having are just, you know getting smaller and smaller by day, till now it had finally exceed the thin line that separate the 'Islamic obligations' and 'a somekind of fashion', the aurah had finally exposed although the hijab is on. So the so-called hijab most women and girls are wearing today shouldn't be called as hijab anymore. Its just somekind of fashion. The Islamic obligations and syariah Allah is no longer in their consideration.

Wanna see some of them? Okay, lets get it clear:

Now don't you see what I mean by 'inappropriate'? I'm sorry but I don't intend to humiliate those girls and women in these pictures, but on the other hand they're actually humiliating themselves by putting those 'somekind of fashion' on, or which they called 'hijab', even they're not playing the role of a hijab, not at all! They're still exposing those hairs and other aurah in their dress. I think there is nothing wrong to say that they're getting rude for wearing so. Its like making fun of hijab, didn't it? They're wearing the so-called hijab which function to cover up their aurah, but obviously they are exposing it as well, didn't it just so rude? Yeah, and pretty outrageous I can say.

I don't even understand why on the world they wear it like that, I mean, they don't even look good in it, right?
Honestly, do you think they're beautifully dressed in it? Well, I don't think so! Besides, its getting me annoyed to see those.

Please girls, please think over before you wear something. Don't try to tantalize us the boys by the you dressed and stop making fun of your hijab. You should feel very lucky to wear it properly because I'm telling you from the eyes of a man, its really make you look so nice in it. So pretty, no matter how you think your looks are. And at the same time it will save you from such sexual harassment as well.

Its your real savior, really is. So appreciate it and the opportunity of using it. Be proud of it!