Friday, April 8, 2011

A Special Post For KTS 3

It have been ages since I didn't post words like this. I miss to whine like this ever again. =.=

Anyway, thats not the point. This post is just dedicated to all USIM Tamhidians who gonna face the excruciating weeks on the next exactly 9 days; THE FINAL EXAM. This is going to be the second final exam for us, which also means the most crucial, grand and decisive examination in our life as a Tamhidi student here.

This one will decide our next step as a University student; entering into a Degree students and the courses that were offered as well. Insya-Allah, yet to come :)

And we're in the final stage before the most awaited and creepy day to come. Study week! (Aren't I supposed to study right now? =.=)

Erm, pal, have you all decided the courses you best fit? I hope all of you, whatever you've decided to pick, have weighted the pros and cons and will get the courses you wished to be in. And me, I'd love to be in Food Biotech soon, as I'm damn so into Biology rather than other subjects. I can doubt it no more, Biology is my favourite subject since I was in school. Yes I didn't score very well in Biology though, but I believe in enthusiasm more than grades. If I were to take Actuary Science, did score very well in Mathematics but I didn't enjoy it, whats the point? Anyway since Medics and Dentistry is overrated, I can only rely on this one Biology-based field of study; Biotechnology. Physics is interesting, but Mathematics is non-negotiable. I really can't have much on Mathematics. I'm really not so good in numbers.

Whatever it is going to be soon, Insya-Allah I'll be just fine. I've trained myself to be immune to failures, no hard feelings. I'm a pessimist, you know. I'm always expecting the worst. It left me prepared if I ever fall down again. (There were already a lot of ''fall-downs'' in my life)

And yes, before I forget, I gotta say this. Erm, to all my friends in KTS 3, there's only ONE word that best potray my appreciations, love and friendship to all of you :

Yes, thank you, to all of you. Thanks for accepting me back. Thanks for giving me chance to be a part of you ever again, even I really knows that I weren't fit to be together again with all of you. Thanks for being a very dedicated, tolerated, and reliable friends to me. Thanks for helping me to adapt with all of this, especially when I first came here and really need support from you all, mentally and physically, to survive. I truly got it all, more than what I need. Thanks for not degrading me and treating me equally as others. Thanks for understanding my situations and always gave me special privilege to help me get going like others. Thanks for concerning about me so much and loves me, if you do.

And lastly, thanks, for allowing me to call you all "friends" ever again. That's the best thing :)

Especially for TTS 8, thanks a lot for this sweet friendship. You're my biggest family I ever had :)

And good luck for this incoming Final Exam, friends. Insya-Allah :)

Special dedications credited to these Tamhidians bloggers:
5. Puzab
7. Mary
8. Pira
9. Sya'ak

Bittaufik Wannajah :)


Afiq Fadhli said...

Good luck Dely for your final exam.

sya'ak lee said...

looks like I'm not that special to you, huh?

everything you define me said...

err.sorry.totally forgotten that you're a blogger too.i can't remember everything :P sory

everything you define me said...

just added up your name.. sorry for that k

NaDWaN said...

hahah..kne maroh nge syaak xleh blah..
nway, gud luck final exam guys!!!! chayok2!!
score well so that u can choose whateva field u want to be in..=)

NaDWaN said...
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everything you define me said...

bhahaha. dop dap gop ak. syak bnyok orh tlg ak cni. huu

anyway thanks nad n apik deli. InsyaAllah :)

d-artyn said...

gudluck dely ^^

everything you define me said...

thanks aten cumel :P

A Little Girl said...

hehehe...thanks..gud luck and do all the best yeah...

everything you define me said...

thanks to you, wan :)