Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Reminder To All Facebook Enthusiasts

I know maybe most of you have seen this video, but I'm still posting it anyway, as a reminder to all of us, especially to those who haven't seen this. 

Credits to Suhaiza Kasim for the link. 

God we're so vulnerable.. 

Girls please be sure to take a considered precautionary measure to stifle it from happening to us.

The best way is, keep all your profile pictures private, so you're not by any chance missed something. Things like that might be subtle to you to perceive if there's any of you in those pictures are not properly dressed.

You can't afford to hesitate.


Suhaiza said...

Pernah tengok blog ni tak?


Ni lagi teruk. Curi gambar orang perempuan bertudung then upload kat blog dia sesukahati. Jahat gila! Apa motif pun aku tak tahu =,=

everything you define me said...

Haha. aku dah bukak. actually aku pernah jupe lagi banyak blog yg mmg keje dia upload gambar perempuan2 je ni.

can't you see? ni sume atas dasar nafsu sume der.. memang ade lelaki jenis suke blog2 camni nak jamu mata diorang..minah tudung pun diorang bernafsu.. aduyai