Saturday, October 27, 2012

Loyalty Is Hard To Find These Days, huh?

Is there is anything else faster than time? Yes, literally speaking, I see none. Because as I write and you read this post at this exact moment, the time is already passed by. But we are not to realise that because it really is very subtle; noticing things that abstract when most of our senses are just aware of physical things, are difficult. But it kept moving fastly. Faster than a choo choo train.

"Enough speaking so philosophical already!", you would say. No, I just wanted to let you wander in your thought about how fast the time is. I, for instance, have just realised I haven't posted any new entries in this blog for like, a month already, when I thought it would've been just like, a week ago since I wrote the last post. But maybe all the workloads and busy-ness filled the empty spaces, and as a result I was like, got washed away by the turbulent waves of time and didn't actually realised it.

I was busy, yes. Not really as busy as crazy workaholics whose time are spent entirely tapping the keyboard and clicking the mouse all the time, just I feel so uncomfortable to write when my time table are tightly scheduled. So I ended up to be posting new posts only when I am off schedule, by which I mean, on a break, or holiday, or whichever that serves me a chance to be at my lovely home town, in Kuala Terengganu. Well, I am, right now.

Anyway, you readers (in case there's any) are most probably yawning in boredom right now, reading this crap, and whining like, whatever are this guy babbling about about his freaking boring life blah blah.. but to me, my blog is nothing but a dear, loyal and the best listener of mine. Every time I wanted to let my thoughts out on something, or just want to ease my mind, or just to be listened, I'll be here writing about it. 

Oh yes, speaking of loyalty, if someone ask me to define loyalty, I would profoundly state that "it is something that is nowhere to be found.." Figuratively, not literally..

And when talking about loyalty, or being loyal, people will quickly think it is all about relationships. Alright, lets go there. I am assuming whoever you are, you must have some experiences in dealing with relationship with the opposite sex, or lets just say it as "love", for at least once. Right? If so, tell me, does loyalty exists in your relationship? Do you love birds, have ever come across that she or he might be cheating on you? Or just simply, like somebody else secretly? Or maybe, seeing somebody else behind your back? Do you? Have you?

I ain't going to talk about my experiences, but the bottom line is, you either cheats, get cheated or think that you got cheated. Whichever you are it doesn't matter because in the end, any of them will become the reason that wreck your relationship. That is always how it ends, deal with it.

Sometimes it lingers in my train of thought that, we don't have to bother seeking to find "the other half of me",  not just because it is already fated, but also because if we do, most of the time it doesn't ends well. But then I realised we have to make some effort to gain it, because, “Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)

As marriage is inevitable (I think..), so does the relationship that gonna lead to it, the question that rises is just how you are going to steer the wheel of the relationship. 

At the age of 20, I think there's nothing wrong for me to start talking about this stuff, I suppose. It will get to us all one day.

- Single, coz loyalty is still, nowhere to be found..