Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Save The World


There. The world is saved. Problem? HAHA.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Science Of Understanding a Girl's Mind

I read John Gray's masterpiece Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus recently. My first impression about the best-selling book is it must be some sort of a fictitious novel, about two races of aliens from two distinctively different planets that was once on denial, but suddenly realized that they both need each other, fall in love, and finally ended by living together in Earth.

But as I went throughout the pages, that thought fled away for like, 180 degrees! =.=

There's no alien stories whatsoever. Just a brief discussion and explanation on how women and men great varies from each other, how they caught in conflicts, and ways to overcome it.

Gray's writings was mostly about psychological facts about both sexes and how they think of each other, so in short, I found it a tad boring. But the issue that Gray brought in his book, I found it quite intriguing. Because all this while, I've always wondered why the opposite sex is so much complicated than mine. I don't think I can ever comprehend their minds; the girls' minds.

This is how a girl's mind looks like:

Am I the only one who think Venusians are this complicated? >.<

The Science of Understanding a Girl's Mind would be the toughest subject ever!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parthenophobia - Fear Of Girls

I was born in a family where I was surrounded by girls; all my siblings are girls. And you don't have to be at my place to know how that wasn't funny at all, coz as kids that didn't even stepped to school yet, apparently I didn't have anyone else to befriend with or just to play with, just my sisters. And of course as girls they didn't do soccer, catch spiders, gunfights and car chases game, or the other boys' stuffs. They weren't even into those things. So what did they do? Well obviously, they did all those girlish things that have something to do with dolls, pink stuffs and guess what? I used to play them. >.<

You know, I was like hovering above myself and when I looked at myself playing dolls, it really made me nauseous. I really can't believe I did those, but I can do nothing to smother those coz I can't deny the memories. I still got it clear, roaming in my mind, and thats just sick! >.<

Then, when I was 7 and went to my primary school, it turned a new chapter in my life. Yes well, that was the moment when I realized that the were many more BOYS in this world, other than me. As I know I wasn't alone, I felt saved already! 

Screw the dolls, its time for the boys stuffs!

That was the moment I met and got acquainted with lots of boys from all sorts; from the kind, well-mannered to the rascals; the worst ones. That was the moment I was introduced to plastic guns and ammos, soccer game, decks of cards that have the pictures of dinosaurs on them; all the boys stuffs!

And truthfully when I returned back home from school, I was a lil fearful to mingle around with my sisters again. I was afraid I would just lose my "boyish gene" and be like a girl ever again. Doll's no more my friend. No more. =.="

Now when my friends over here ask me about my family and as they discover that I was the only boy amongst my siblings, they often give me the surprised look and said:

"Lucky you're not that "aww" buddy, or else you won't happen to be my friend!"

Indeed, I am lucky. >.<

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exam Zombies

 Ahh.. Here comes the exam seasons! Know what does it means? The rat race had just blazed its trail! This is the moment where people become weirdly conscientious in their studies; staying up all night long like zombies and breaking their bones trying to grasp and memorize something from those thick books, all the time. 

And the next morning they drag themselves into the examination hall and fill all the blanks in the sheet with their heavy eyes, extremely craving for some sleeps. 3 hours later, they race back to their hostel and snored. Everything they read the previous night then, every single thing they had occupied the blanks with in the exam hall, will be erased. The next day, they face another book till dawn for another paper, occupied the blanks with everything they read, and snored. 

And the cycle continued till the last day of exam..

Now here's a couple of questions to ask:

"Getting stuck in the loony system, does it makes the student academically excellent?"


"When the result is announced, does the students' CGPA's reflects with their true academic excellence"?

Well, they're not excellent, they're just good in memorizing things. Later on, after the particular papers, everything will be forgotten.

Exam-oriented studies don't create an academically excellent student, they create zombies.

The systems sucks isn't it?  >.<