Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Want To Be A Kid Again

When I was younger I've totally enjoyed my childhood times. I still remembered on how naive and innocent I was when I was in my primary school. I don't think I've done something that can be considered as an offence throughout the whole 6 years I spent in my primary school. Nothing. My records were clean. I've never get a call from my school's principal complaining about my discipline or whatsoever, when most of my friends did.

It is still well remembered on a day when one of my worst friend came to the class and brought something into the class. And he managed to round up plenty of our friends to a spot where he showed the "thing" that he brought, and all of them seems to be very interested to that "thing". At first I didn't really know and couldn't even anticipate on what the fuss is all about, but I can sense how illegal the "thing" is, looking to the crowds' weird attention. Well thats odd.

So out of my curiosity I joined the crowd to find out. OMG, you know what, it was a few slides of porno mags! 

And just after I got a glance to the pornographies, I was kind of shocked, (coz thats the very first time for me to see such a thing!) and knowing how these things are so wrong, I quickly rushed out of the crowd. Whoa, no wonder he managed to get such an attention. Pornographies. OMG. 

(Somehow I'm still wondered on how freaking vulnerable we were to those things when we were only in primary school. And we didn't even hit puberty yet!)

Thats one thing happened in my primary school that I still can remember. (Proving how innocent and naive I was, I didn't even join the crowd to enjoy those pornographies even when I was so vulnerable to)  :P

There were also one day when I was in standard 5 if I weren't mistaken, when one of my friend brought some firecrackers into the school. You know what we did with the firecrackers? We got onto the football field, caught some frogs and toads we found, and we detonate them with the explosives!

(We were wicked little fellas. Seriously demented. Sorry =.= )

That was too extremely south of proper, but it was my friends' preposterous idea. I was just following him. Hehe. 

That were some of my childhood memories that I kinda missed the innocence very much. It was a very cute experience to be a kid with no desire of lust, angers, rages, jealousy or whatsoever. All we've done were just to get some fun. Indeed, it was really the fun that we got. 



zamro said...

so now you are a devil instead of an angel you used to be...

everything you define me said...

kind of. I'm a changed man. way too far away from the kid I used to be when I was younger :P

Aku_Insan said...

and to think of exploding an innocent froggy? mang

everything you define me said...

hehe. sorry froggies. it wasn't my idea :P

guest. said...

let's purify our gaze.

nur syahirah said...

i want to be a kid again..with a cute face.:D

everything you define me said...

Haha. Yes :) Cute

nur syahirah said...

i wanna be kid again too!

everything you define me said...

and I don't wanna grow up..life of an adult is freaking sick..