Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Don't Choose Your Career, Its The Other Way Around

Wednesday, July 25 2012, 0549

As the clock ticks and time flies, today, July 25 2012, is already day five in this holy Ramadhan. Wow, then. We are living in a quite fast paced life ain't we? It was just as yesterday when I was counting down to Ramadhan, then blink! all of sudden I'm already into the depth of it!

Well yeah, sometimes I, too, pondered on how fast the life is when we're so busy on something else. It is subtle but you'll quickly realise it as you looked back into time, and reminisce it, and couldn't help but found yourself already been dragged by time for quite a distance.

"Life is what happens while you're busy on something else.."

So I was just waiting for the adzan for Subuh to come, when I saw this old high school Yearbook of mine, all dusty on the shelf. 

Well, just to kill time, I thought maybe it would be great to take the "memorial tour". While slipping into a few pages and recall some of my old friends faces here and there, I didn't actually realise that I was actually smiling all the time like a freak. Why the heck not? Every faces I saw in that yearbook reminded me of a lot of funny things happened during my time at the school. Funny old friends, always had a thing for me.

Then I read a few lines below their pictures, you know, their biodatas and stuffs. Going to their ambitions, I couldn't help but realise that there are so many of my friends dreamt to be a doctor. And came to think of it, it makes sense, coz it was one of the most popular professions of all time.

But to think of what they are currently pursuing now, unfortunately most of the "doctors" in the Yearbook are not actually on the track to be one. A few of them are, like this Noor Aimi who is currently in a medical school in USIM, Hisham Mat who will be going studying in a medical school too in Ireland etc. The funny thing is, most of them ended up in somewhere not even related to medical field to be a doctor, like engineering school, piloting school, etc. Well, that deviates a lot.

But hey, it doesn't actually matters at all. Me myself, I don't get to be what I want too. When I was a kid I told everyone that I was going to be an engineer. An aircraft engineer, to be specific. But then, look what I've come to. I ended up in this computer science field, which of course, wouldn't by any chance will ever gonna take me to be aircraft engineer. So yes, I deviated too.
This is mine. (You can't read it don't you)
One of my artworks in it.

Disappointed coz you couldn't be what you dreamt to be? No need to man! Just get over it, and be the best in whatever you're in. Thats my philosophy.

"You don't choose the best career, the best career chooses you"

Now, I wanna be a software engineer. Insya-Allah:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How To Lose Weight Efficiently

Hello everybody. Today I've got some tips for those who are still thinking on how to lose their weight. Products? Lipo-suction treatments? Hunger games? Bloody hell no man! These tips simply based on the concept of, "Drop what you don't need". Well here it is :

1. Remove one of your kidney.
Thats right people! You do know that you can live with just one kidney don't ya? So why the heck do you need to keep both of them, when it is just gonna cost you a few hundred grams? 

2. Poop regularly.
You might say this is kinda gross, but the more you poop, the less weight you will get! Based from a study it is reported that an average daily poop of a human weigh for about 2.5 pounds, and it is funny how you can get rid of 2.5 pounds of your whole body weight everyday just by pooping regularly!

3. Keep a short haircut.
You've read it right dude. From what I've read hair can weigh up to 3.0 ounce an inch, and nobody has an inch of hair pal! So if you're growing long hairs, you're gaining more weight! 

4. Bite your fingernails.
I lied about the biting, you can just cut it off. Do I have to mention about the weigh of the fingernails too?

Thats it dude! If you practice all of these, summing up, you have already lost a few pounds of weight in no time! Daa!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Year Flies

So altogether it has been 2 years since I took my very first step out of the school life, into a phase of life of an adult, which is still a little bit new to me, in this university. And awkwardly, I somehow feel that it is so surreal to be growing up and old, that fast. Sometimes, when I take a look at my identification card and realise that the year 1992 has gone for 2 decades, I was like, "Is this for real?"

Sometimes, when reminiscing all those memories I had when I was younger, I felt like crying. Going through the family photo albums page by page made me pondered, sunk deeply in thought. I just merely can't believe that cute boy in the blurry, old family photos has grown up into an adult, and he just happened to be, well, me. 

(Can't believe in 20 years time, all the cuteness would just, gone =.=")

The truth is, I miss the old me. I miss how naive, innocent I was, as opposed to what I am now. It is just hard to believe that in 20 years time, I would change by quite a lot. And of course I'm not talking about the physical change, but what lies inside. It is like an old, outdated Microsoft Windows 98 computer just got formatted and upgraded into Windows 7. All the old data and everything else that comes from the past is erased and replaced by the new ones. Unfortunately in my case, there are no backup files.  >.< 

Anyway, that is life. Time flies and life happens. Every second passed will be worthless unless you treasure every single moment of your life. And in the end, all that left is, memories. Right? WRONG!

Over the years I've been into, I would rather say that, memories is not the only thing remains as a result of the time. In fact, memories doesn't actually matter. FRIEND DOES.

In this university I found all sorts of friends; from the one that can be trusted to the wicked ones that would be happy just to see me fall. Through the years friendship blossomed and friendship collapsed. Betrayal, denial and all sort of trouble in relationship is, though imminent, yet still left a deep scar that takes ages to heal.

But it is in here too, that I met a friendship that is seeming to end as a wonderful memory of being together in me. Hopefully in a few decades time, whenever I take a look back in times, those memories that we had in this friendship will always carve a smile on our lips :)