Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Reminder To All Facebook Enthusiasts

I know maybe most of you have seen this video, but I'm still posting it anyway, as a reminder to all of us, especially to those who haven't seen this. 

Credits to Suhaiza Kasim for the link. 

God we're so vulnerable.. 

Girls please be sure to take a considered precautionary measure to stifle it from happening to us.

The best way is, keep all your profile pictures private, so you're not by any chance missed something. Things like that might be subtle to you to perceive if there's any of you in those pictures are not properly dressed.

You can't afford to hesitate.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why The Heck Is Everyone Is Dying To Be On The Tube?

Tell me whats wrong with the society,
When everywhere I look I see,
Young girls are dying to be on TV,
They won't stop till they've reached their dreams,
Diet pills, surgery,
Photoshop pictures in magazines,
Telling them how they should be,
It doesn't make sense to me..

One Question : Why the heck is everyone today seems to want to be famous so bad? 

You can see this trend is actually becoming a phenomenon today. Youtube today, for example, is full of crappy videos, done by these kind of people, looking for fame. And the rules are if you got the highest compliments from the comments, you WIN, and the other way around will be cursed, mocked and rated with tonnes of "dislikes". 

This is one example of those craps vids. They really thought that they really got talent to show, although they were truly do not. All they have is time and a camera.

Okay okay, that were me and my youngest sister. Lalala~

Well yeah, thats what happened today, so what? What's your problem?

My problem? Okay let me tell you what. Its sad to see how our Muslim girls today have also get affected so badly to this trend. Yeah they dressed appropriately, wore hijab, Islamic looks, no aurah is exhibited. And then they uploaded some of their own videos, just like the crappy video above, strum the guitar, make a cover for a song and sing it. And as comments are tumbling in, they suddenly became famous in a blink of an eye, mostly not coz they sung great or magnificent guitar play or nice rhythm or whatsoever pertaining to talents, but its all was just fueled from the way she looked in that video. Cute face, slight fame. Not-really-cute face, nobody cares. Thats the system, right?

And they thought they've done nothing wrong. Wearing hijab, covering aurah, appropriate attire. That'll be just enough for them perhaps. But they forgot..


Well hell, I don't think they forgot, or don't even know about it. Its just they don't really care about it. Fame is in the top list! So they thought by wearing baju kurung, hijab would be enough to blindfold people that they are good Muslim girls and portrayed good Islamic looks. 


Youtube so-called artists. Yeah, real "Islamic". 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Wrong With Coupling?

I have to accept the fact that most of friends today aren't really aware on how destructive "coupling" can be to their faith, as a Muslim. Most of them chose to let themselves drowning in love, blindfolded by those sweet words, romances and the feeling of being loved, without alarming that all of those mirth, happiness and gleeful memories are all FAKE!

And I'm writing this based from my very own pathetic, shameful little experiences. I hate to think how foolish I was. 

Why I said it is fake? Okay now read this and believe me.

90 percents of every each of my friends who have girlfriends/boyfriends last their melodramatic relationship that they've sworn allegiance to before, with a simple break up. No other couples survived. They'll be just as anticipated, break up in the end. Believe me, its just the matter of time. I saw it all, couples come and go. Things that have been making me laugh all this while were to see how status updates of sweet words as "I love you dear", "How I miss you", "Can never live without you", suddenly went rouge and became, "Go f*ck yourself bitch", "Fool I was freaking retarded loving him", "Sh*t I've wasted 5 years of my lifetime loving a cunt". What a joke.

At first he'll say, "Dearie you're the best thing that I've ever had in my life", well,  indeed it is, you're really the best thing he ever had. But one day when he suddenly bumped into another girl that adores him more than you, that girl will then be "the bestest". And slowly he'll be looking out for a reason to get rid of you from the relationship. In short he'll some day say to you, "Now I come to realise that we didn't really fit each other, you didn't understand me", and will start point out absurd reasons that you never even remembered when on earth have you be so to him, as like "you've been too ignorant of my feelings", "you're always mad at me, I can stand it no more", "I saw you walked with him twice, and I'm not buying that crap anymore". Well, that's all bullshit. He just wanna see you walk away, coz it will be a good riddance for him then. 

Don't believe me? GIVE OUT A TRY AND DO THANK ME.

Thats all. He or she will never say that three words if you didn't look good in his sight/ her sight. Apparently, your so-called soulmate are proud to call you his/her sweetheart in front of others because you're just looks so good. Wanna give out a test? Have a facelift and he'll be away in three days. Literally. Sarcastically. 

So this is what you call a "true love"? Oh give me a break.

Yes, that is, as long as you are dealing with this couple thing. You won't realise. Lusts, evil whispers blindfolded you. Thats why you feels everything is so good so far and you never this happy before. Its like you're living in your own world, when you're truly not. And slowly, you'll be creeping out of your Islamic looks and practices. You'll start to hold his/her hand, touch him/her, kiss him/her, and when this happens, when both of you starts touching each other in the so-called "name of love", it will then starts to take its toll. You'll have the gut to do thing further worse. 

THIS ARE ALL SINS. But you never gonna realise it all. Inconspicuous.

Brothers and sisters, I'm not against love. I never was. It's the very nature of human to love each other and irresistible. 

"And among His signs is this, that he Created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect."

Ar Rum, aya 21.

All I'm asking was, please have it in a proper way. Appropriately Islamic. 

Coupling isn't a way in Islam. Why don't you just give it up and accept it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Out Of My Wall, Spammer!

Facebook isn't so much secured these days. Spams are everywhere. They get posted on your wall, just waiting for you to make the mistake. Click!

Thats one of them. Never ever click on those trashes, or you'll be infected as well. That's how these thing spread so far. Extremely vulnerable and contagious. Its like a plague. And once you get affected, it'll be posting spams to your friends' walls and I don't know how long it will stop. 

How to recognize a spam?

Easy. This sign would appear on your notifications lists.

If that is the icon, thats another stupid spammer.

Don't get fooled yaww :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I don't know why these days I kind of miss everything and everybody in USIM. And I meant every single thing, the cats at the cafe, the moseying fellow, futsal at Nilai 3, the annoying bus, the panoramic lakeview, the damn Streamyx Zone connection, the noises in my room, enthusiasms to Plant vs Zombies, addiction to Pro Evolution Soccer, cats' poops in front of my house; everything! 

Absence makes heart grows fonder. Indeed. 

I really can't believe that I miss the poops. Freaking retarded =.=

But anyway the thing that keeps roaming in my mind the most must be my good-for-nothing housemates. Hehe. We were all living in the mirth together, no pressure, no fights, no confrontational looks; we were really happy together throughout the whole semester. We kept singing along every nights :)

(Thats why our house is the noisiest in the block. You can even heard us from as far as the cafe, seriously)


Here are our memorable epic video, us singing along together "Situasi" by Bunkface in the house :)

                                                             Singing Along "Situasi"

Memory never fades :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Want To Be A Kid Again

When I was younger I've totally enjoyed my childhood times. I still remembered on how naive and innocent I was when I was in my primary school. I don't think I've done something that can be considered as an offence throughout the whole 6 years I spent in my primary school. Nothing. My records were clean. I've never get a call from my school's principal complaining about my discipline or whatsoever, when most of my friends did.

It is still well remembered on a day when one of my worst friend came to the class and brought something into the class. And he managed to round up plenty of our friends to a spot where he showed the "thing" that he brought, and all of them seems to be very interested to that "thing". At first I didn't really know and couldn't even anticipate on what the fuss is all about, but I can sense how illegal the "thing" is, looking to the crowds' weird attention. Well thats odd.

So out of my curiosity I joined the crowd to find out. OMG, you know what, it was a few slides of porno mags! 

And just after I got a glance to the pornographies, I was kind of shocked, (coz thats the very first time for me to see such a thing!) and knowing how these things are so wrong, I quickly rushed out of the crowd. Whoa, no wonder he managed to get such an attention. Pornographies. OMG. 

(Somehow I'm still wondered on how freaking vulnerable we were to those things when we were only in primary school. And we didn't even hit puberty yet!)

Thats one thing happened in my primary school that I still can remember. (Proving how innocent and naive I was, I didn't even join the crowd to enjoy those pornographies even when I was so vulnerable to)  :P

There were also one day when I was in standard 5 if I weren't mistaken, when one of my friend brought some firecrackers into the school. You know what we did with the firecrackers? We got onto the football field, caught some frogs and toads we found, and we detonate them with the explosives!

(We were wicked little fellas. Seriously demented. Sorry =.= )

That was too extremely south of proper, but it was my friends' preposterous idea. I was just following him. Hehe. 

That were some of my childhood memories that I kinda missed the innocence very much. It was a very cute experience to be a kid with no desire of lust, angers, rages, jealousy or whatsoever. All we've done were just to get some fun. Indeed, it was really the fun that we got. 


The Greater Good

Hot Fuzz is a great movie and one of my favorite movie ever. It's an old stuff and I've been watching it for a million time but still catches my laughters. But despite of those ridiculous jokes and comedies there are still one great value portrayed in this movie.

Sgt Angel : Why are you accommodate the under-ages in the pub?

Pub owner : Well they might be a year or two south of proper but if we let them in here it prevent them from getting into trouble out there.

His wife : The way we see it its all for the greater good.

Pub owner : Yeah, the greater good.

Forget about the under-ages and the pub, it is the "greater good" that matters. This movie taught me on how we sometimes have to ignore what people says and the typical of the society, the norms or whatsoever that get on the way to be better things, in order to be good.

Which reminds me to the brilliant quote from my beloved English lecturer:

"Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind"


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's Osama bin Laden?

"The most wanted, crafty and feared Muslim in world history, Osama bin Laden has finally got assassinated in Abbotabad, Pakistan on the 2nd of May 2011 during a heavy gunshots assaulted by US Army. Osama has been in the top list of the most wanted terrorists in US since the last 10 years, which was actually after the 911 (WTC airstrike) tragedy and since then US military has been hunting for him and tracking his location throughout Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and other neighboring countries, but in vain."

That is what reported to us. But is it true? How they can be so sure that the dead body found in the house is Osama's? 

No, hold on there. Before that..


Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, or better known as Osama bin Laden (born in March 10, 1957) is the founder of al-Qaeda organisation and responsibled for the September 11 atttacks and other mass-casualty attacks against civilians and military targets. He was the member of the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family.

That is what I got from Wikipedia. And that is one version of "the truth of Osama bin Laden". That is what global mass media has been telling us all this while. It is so far officially accepted and believed. 

Here is another version.


In a documentary film broadcasted by BBC "The Power of Nightmares", it is recorded that CIA admitted that al-Qaeda "so-called founded" by Osama bin Laden is actually a made-up story. They hired one guy named Jamal al Fadl to coordinate all this confusion by asking him to create the storyline of al-Qaeda. 

So who's Osama bin Laden? Is is said that the name Osama bin Laden is not even exist. Not at all. He's actually a CIA agent named Tim Osman. There's some evident saying that Tim Osman appeared to be in White House and some other US Military base.

So there are TWO DISTINCTIVE versions of "the truth of Osama bin Laden". Somebody can make a book out of it! 

So which "truth" should be believed? Can somebody tell me?

There are too many versions of stories of truth in this world, spinned by those medias and we are forced to believe one of them. They're the one who coordinates what story they want the world to believe. 


May Allah guide us all.