Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 Alam : "Cerekerama" In TV3 Is Much Better!

I just watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa -The Malay Bloodlines at GSC, two days ago with my friends. Try not to be personal but I really enjoyed that movie. The CGI is kinda awesome for a Malay film and the storyline is interesting. Fair and just.

In our way home we kept talking about that movie and other Malay movies progressed so far. We personally think that Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa filmed by KRU is much advanced in our local filming industry, much contributed by its fascinating CGI and some more are of its storyline itself.

Out of blue we were suddenly talked about something much more boring and lame than usual; the failure of the film that had been promoted out loud by its obsessed producer all this while but ended with tragically, 2 Alam. 

Over RM 40 Millions that he was very confident to raise before, it was actually only RM 23,000 that had been collected. 

Out-of-logic, horrible miscalculation yep, Doc? Well its okay, you should be thankful someone has spent their money on that film. 

Or maybe, you should be making the sequel. Well, since 2 Alam has failed, 

Maybe 3 Alam shall do.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Exclusive! The Biggest Koran Discovered in USIM

This is the biggest Koran I ever seen in my entire life.

Hehe :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Malaysia and Indonesia : Way To Think

This one is cool. Actually it does really make sense :)

No. 9 is snap!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Again, I Cheat Death

You know what, every time I rise and shine every morning and step out of my room to go to campus, I never get bored. Though I used the same route every day, but it is never get usual. Really do. And why?


Or, get me killed.

I don't remember how many times but certainly it was that much. Whenever people here get rushed, honked and cursed with each other on the road, these clown are actually seems like they're telling me that "Hey faggot! You'll die another day!" or "There's lots more to come, don't worry, it'll get to you soon!"

I don't know why people in here never learn how to obey traffic rules. They're always overruling traffic lights, make a sudden stop, giving no signals, and drive with hell speed of light. 

Sometimes I tried to be calm and have some patience, considering that these monkeys probably are too heavily stressed in their workplaces. But most of the times they never appreciate my patience and drove me mad.

"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers to let you know how good your driving are, you nuts!"


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time To Study!

KKNC, 0930

Chemistry Test on Hydrocarbon and Aromatic Compound is in two days time. Debate's over and now its time focus on my study. Today I'll be going nowhere else and finish these whole chapters. I promise.


Its still early in the morning. Let me finish these Zombies first and then I'll study. Plant Vs Zombies is addictive! 10.30 a.m. is the best time to start my revision. Yes.


Argh. Its so hard to win this round. I can't study without finishing these things first. Just a few minutes more and I'll be done on this. Then I'll study.


Oh my God its twelve o'clock already, and this zombies are  still here! Damn! Why don't you just die? Now I can't study! Die zombies die! I'll make sure you all dead soon for losing my study time! 


Finally I won the game, and the highest marks! Compliments from my friend are irresistible! I'm the undisputed legend of Plant vs Zombies. Haha. Now I'm hungry already. Lets have some lunch first. Study time is now fixed! It'll be on 02.30 p.m. sharp. Promise.


Looking at the cover page of Chemistry Text Book. How boring. And I'm kinda sleepy too study in this hours. Yeah, I know its hard. Well its okay. I still have the night to study this book. Right now I'll sleep first. Yes, relax. Everything would be just fine.

Procrastinators never stop, do they?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hypocrites? Who?

One of my worst high school friend once told me this;

"Having a blog is seriously hypocrite. You say something just to please others, post something that's not yours, write anything that's never potrays your true colour, and do anything just to keep more followers. 
You're all rubbish!"

Okay okay, I lied. That last statement wasn't him.

But people, nothing personal, but frankly what do you think about it? 

Me? Of course I wouldn't agree with that crap! Its not because I own a blog, or I really am being hypocrite, or I just hate him (although it is). I just don't agree on the way he define "hypocricy" itself. 

Let me tell you what's the true meaning of being hypocrite.

UIAM, Public Speaking Contest.

Mr. Vice Chancellor
: Thank you UIAM for inviting me to judge those new bright stars. I have to say that I totally admires and greatly amazed by all the performances that had been performed by all of the contestant previously. Their talent in delivering speech was so wonderful, very outspoken, fluent and very very inspiring. I personally think that was totally the greatest speech that I ever seen in my life from this kind of public speaking competition. This is the only university that I think have the best potential in public speaking rather than any other universities in the whole Malaysia. Congratulations!

2 months before..

USIM, Public Speaking Contest

Mr. The Very Same Vice Chancellor: Thank you USIM for inviting me again. Now I have to say that these talents are the very best and really amazed me. Those speakers are totally outspoken, fluent and their speech are really inspiring. Personally I really think that those speakers had delivered the greatest speeches I ever heard or seen in my life in public speaking. This university is the very best in this field. Give them a standing ovation everyone!

These are the real hypocrites!

And now who's rubbish?

Debate VC Cup USIM : Semi Final Is Our Limit

You know, everytime I failed something, I got my own philosophy to calm myself down and get me going again, that is:

"Everybody loves a comeback"

Simple and seems like a statement to you I guess, but these 4 letters had been helping a lot in making my day whenever I had some failures in something. Because to me when I failed something, I'll bear in mind these words and think how these failures will soon appear to be nothing if I were to make a comeback soon. And everybody will surely be more amazed on how I could ever stand up again and make a comeback over those failures that I had before. And also on the same time nothing would ever make me down. Nothing at all.

When we were lost to FPg (Faculty of Dentistry) debate team in the semi final elimination round, I saw everybody got emotional and sunk in their own dampened spirit. I totally understand on how our Tamhidi debate team had disappointed them a lot because this Tamhidi teams were the one who used to win last 2 years VC Cup Debating Tournaments, in fact, me myself felt the same too. How tragic to lose on a very close call. How tragic to lose for we've come this far up.

But I gotta say although I was sad to lose in semi final yesterday, yet to me I didn't mind that much coz I had already trained myself NOT to get myself down anymore. I've trained myself to be a pessimist; expect the worst in everything and so whatever the result is I would be just fine. How so? Okay, here's a situation. Suppose a player is playing in the biggest football tournament and he would be just like me; a pessimist. He expected that his team would never even reach the second round. But they actually managed to get to final but lose there. What do you reckon that previous player would feel then? A great disappointment over those failures? Bother his mind by keep thinking that he's all to blame for the failures? Cries all day over the lose after they've come that far?


In fact he'll be happy and as fine as before the tournament, because he'd never expected that they'll ever come that far up. He'd not even anticipate to get further than the second round either! So eventually he has totally nothing to cry on.

The same goes if they really lose on the second round. He'd be fine too coz he was emotionally prepared on that. His prediction got on the right way and for that on what he'll ever feel disappointed? Sad? Totally zero.

So that's why I personally believes that it is much better to be a pessimist rather than an optimist, who'll never mentally prepared on failures, because they expected everything to be beyond and keep demanding for more. In fact they'll never get content on whatever they have. Never satisfied! 

But to my friends in VC Cup, I would like to express my greatest gratitude and say that I admired all your talents in debating and I'm so happy that we knew each other. Whatever happened you're all are still the best debaters that I've ever known. Just one word, all of you;

"Thank You"

1. Kim
2. Syida
3. Fatina
4. Tengku Alia
5. Sarah Alia
6. Nasri
7. Afiq
8. Sya'ak
9. Afifi
10. Farah "Unpredictable"
11. Farah K
12. Safwan Hamdy
13. Tyra
14. Epul

for this wonderful experience and friendship. :)

So friends and all my team mates in VC Cup, chill and don't get sad okay. Life's too short to spend some of it crying in guilt. Just keep in your mind that we're still the best and will soon make a comeback, next year Insya-Allah. :)

"Aal Izz Well"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Obama Avenged Berlusconi

Seriously, Mr. President have a sense of jealousy too.

He's seriously demented. HAHA.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Floppy Disks and Today

PKP, USIM. 0945.

Zulfadhly : Excuse me, can I have 2 floppy disks please?

Mr. Wong : I'm sorry??

Zulfadhly : Erm, I would like to buy 2 floppy disks for my ICT assignment. Do you have some, sir?

Mr. Wong : ( Tounge-tied, seems like he didn't believe what I'm just saying)

Mr. Wong : Err, what for?

Zulfadhly : To save my ICT assignments in, sir.

Mr. Wong : I don't think floppy disks are still in stores today. Erm..

Zulfadhly : Its okay if you don't have it. Do you know where else can I find it?

Mr.Wong : ...


BUMMER.  =.=