Sunday, August 11, 2013

A tangle on a string

High school friends are always the closest one to your heart. Whenever you're on holiday and taking an urban retreat at your peaceful hometown during semester break, they'll be the first one you're gonna seek to hang out with. Right? I do believe most people will agree with me on that.

" Life is like a traveling ship. The sailors make friends at every port of call. But then they have to leave. Next port of call, new experiences, new friends. Years later, the ship comes by the old ports once more. Old friends reunited.

We are all under the same sky where the Lord is, even if we are separated by different geographical lands and seas.

As we stare at the sky above, the sky will gaze upon the very land and people left behind in a journey that will hopefully lead back to the same port of call.."
(credits : Miseria Cantare)

I gotta say, I don't love my friends that I got acquainted at campus the same way as I do to my high school friends. At campus things are much closer to work-related relationship. I mean, we do interacted a lot, do things together most of the time; we even stay in the same house, but the relationship bounds where we got things to do. We are housemates, classmates, room mates and all, but thats it; nothing more. They never make me feel as comfortable to be with as I do with my high school friends.

(I am not being sentimental, I am merely just unearthing whats deeply buried in my heart)

Sometimes I quarreled with my friends at campus, big time. There's no face-punching and nose bleeding, but every time we fight, I am inclined to take the most pacifying way, by giving in and yield. By the end of the day, we would still be friends but the thing will always linger in my mind. "Why couldn't you all be like my high school friends?", I would whisper to myself.

It has been more than 7 years and counting since we first got acquainted at high school, but we never had a fight. There were some little disagreements back in the day, but it won't ended up to be just another scar in the heart. No grudges to hold, no dissatisfaction, no nothing. They won't hurt you as much as anyone would do.

By the end of this semester break, I am beginning to sense it. Its not friendship anymore, its brotherhood; family. Its just like a tangle on a string; which can never be separated.