Monday, June 27, 2011

Bersih 2.0 : What Do You Think?

This is my honest opinion pertaining to this matter.

Frankly in politics I'm not taking sides. I prefer to not to stick to any parties, but whoever did right shall get my vote. I'll judge both sides first whenever I think is necessary for me to, in any matter. I'm neutral.

But I do have my own opinion on something, in which means I might be taking sides too, but I'm not going to stick with it.

What Is Bersih 2.0 Is All About?

Okay, shortly it is a gathering or public demonstration in which supported by Pakatan Rakyat (coalition of three largest opposition parties in Malaysia) in which they advocates for electoral reforms in Malaysia, and has been advocating this since the last Bersih gathering in November 2007. It is scheduled to be held again on this upcoming 9th of July 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. They are demanding SPR of Malaysia (the Election Commission of Malaysia) this :

1. Clean up the electoral roll.
2. Reform postal voting.
3. Use indelible ink.
4. 21-day campaign period as a minimum period.
5. Allow all parties free access to the medias.
6. Put an end to dirty politics.

I tried to grasp every each of the demands, I asked few persons and brainstormed them all and I found that all they want by requesting all this demands to EC is just, an equally fair election. Fair enough without any kind of abuse, or any chance of votes to get on some kind of falsification, or electoral manipulation by the government. Thats all.

Okay, we take the second demand as an example. The request is to abolish the postal vote with exceptional to diplomats and overseas voters. Why they're including this in the memorandum? Well all I can say is postal voting is vulnerable to get abused. This is due to report in 1999 where an ex officer in ATM (Malaysian Army) confessed that he had violated thousands of votes for the soldiers, by crossing them by himself as ordered.

Okay, why Harakah? Why other newspaper didn't have any of these reports? Well thats how the system works. You won't write a report that will reveal your true color, don't you?

Oh, you have to know most of the newspaper out there is owned by the government. We have no doubt about this, it is obvious that the government side is dominating the whole media. They own the TV broadcasts, they own the radio channels, and they own the whole lot of newspapers you found out there. So is this fair? A kid can tell how unfair is, and this lead to demand number 5; Allow all parties free access to the medias. This is why they want to have equal access to the media, so it will be an equally fair match.

What do you think then? Your call.

So what is the problem? Why is people against this if there's nothing wrong with the demands? They said demonstration isn't a right way to voice out. "You better write to goverment and they'll consider.." Haha. Is it? I don't think so. Yeah writing to government is the right way to voice out, but we want to be heard. All this while I saw the demands, request or everything that is not "physically" heard or seen, or not by actions are all thrashes. Everything fall on deaf ears. Nothing is considered. So whats the point?

They said the chairperson Dato Ambiga Sreenevasen shouldn't be acceptable by the Malay for her role in the case of IFC (Interfaith Commission) and the apostasy case of Lina Joy. But I think it is better we look to what the thing is going to lead us to, not who is going to lead us to. To the better? If she's going to run something right and for the better, so whats the problem? My friend said :

I chose to agree with him. Coz I saw this thing has nothing to do with what she was doing in 2001, dealing with IFC etc. Yes I agreed and we all know the ungodly things; her role in IFC and Lina Joy case, and we all agreed it couldn't be accepted. But none of the demands itself are dealing with religious or racial matters. It is just all about electoral reformation, and it is indeed to the better coz they want to straighten up things. They just want justice in elections, and thats all this was all about. Is it wrong?

Well, I'm still neutral but I must have a stand, so that is just my opinion regarding this. I saw nothing is actually wrong about this, and I think the are no reasons why we can't have to run this program when the only purpose is for search of justice. What do you think then?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whining Again!

Today is the first time I feel a lil bit distracted and outraged for being a blogger. Well, this is not the first time I got criticized for the idea I delivered in my writings here, and my another disgusting blog TNA, and it doesn't matter anyway. In fact I like critics; it improves an idea to the better. It makes an idea grows, fuels critical minds and different views in brainstorming an idea together. Right? And yea, it also shows that my blog also got some readers out there. LOL.

I love good arguments about something brainy, or anything that is just worth to argue on. I did appreciate any feedbacks from the readers, anything, but just one thing; MIND YOUR WORDS. If you don't like the idea than its fine, you are welcomed to hit me back in comments, but please have a manner okay. I don't appreciate offensive, harsh words, please.

I did once received a feedback saying "F*ck you!", and "Stupid Dely" a lil times ago, and I was a lil' bit outraged like, "What did I write to deserve that?" Seriously.

It was an opinion, and most of them was just me whining on something. Know what whining is? Nothing serious! So don't take it so hard lad. And you don't need to be that cranky in your words if you don't agree with anything I wrote here. A good comment will do.


Anyway, congratulations to Hassan and Nazrul of Imam Muda for their success proceeding to final :)

Wish you all the best! People used to criticize this reality program as degrading the religion or commercializing it, your call, but you cannot deny that this program is MUCH BETTER to most other reality programs broadcasted. Try view it positively :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Truth Is, I Didn't Yet Have My Final Exam!

I got something to tell ya. Two months ago, when everybody were breaking their backs preparing for the final exam during the study week, I suddenly caught a dengue fever. It was the worst fever, in fact the worst 2 weeks of my life. I was shaking, trembling like a leaf on the bed, and my body was steaming hot. It was reaching 40 degree celcius, and I could firmly assure you, it wasn't really got any better in the first week. On the other hand, I got weaker and weaker everyday. 

I was just merely couldn't do anything. My only room mate was quite ignorant, the one that I really could "count on"; while I was dying on the bed, he kept on studying on his desk! How could he.. I couldn't say a word, but again, never mind, I was just so lucky my other housemates got my back. One of them kindly assisted me to the clinic, but the doctor inspect nothing serious. Nothing serious? But then he gave me Paracetamol and asked us to go to hospital if if didn't really cease in 2 or 3 days. 

Well the next day, I was still shaking on my bed, and I felt worse. I didn't think I could afford to wait for another 2 or 3 days, so my housemate again, decided to send me to a hospital. They brought me to Hospital Serdang, and finally, the doctor spotted that I got symptoms for dengue. That was nothing surprising, coz my friends had been telling that to the doctors in the clinics on the first place, but they didn't believe it. Well, looking to the bright side, at least now they wouldn't take my case lightly as the doctors in the previous clinics. 

But I was wrong. They were still saying that there was nothing going on, so they let me go that night. Then the next day at my hostel, my whole body was seriously shivering, no joke, I mean like, REAL serious. This time if the doctor still gonna say that there were still nothing going on, I would strangle him to death myself. LOL. 

But then guess what, that doctor survived. He finally told us I was really on dengue and would be hospitalized right away. Phew! God bless him. =.=" 

I was there for 3 days till my father came on board and transferred me to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah Kuala Terengganu. Even though my mind was troubled by the dengue, and the final exams I left behind, but still, its good to be home :) 

But anyway, the thing that pinged me that moment was, the doctor there said that I was in critical stage of a dengue fever! Critical, oh Lord, I got real panicked, and merely thought of death. I knew everything could happen that time. I heard lots of dengue cases which ended with deaths, and those cases kept looming in my mind on that moment. I was scared.

Time flew, and approaching a week I've been there the dengue finally started to cease. My body temperature dropped to normal, and I felt healthy again. I was real happy, so thankful to the Exalted for granting me with health again. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

Within 3 days I was finally allowed to get home :)

But I'm still have one job undone; Final Exam. It has been 2 months but still no news about it, but I'm working hard on it right now. Pray for me, everything will be fine okay? :)

Okay, back to my study desk! 

Cheerio :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Suicidal : Are You People Going Nuts?

A few months ago I was having my lunch at the cafe of UIAM Nilai when a security guard came and told that a student attempted to commit suicide on the previous night. He slashed his wrist with a knife and threatened to jump from the third floor of the building. 

Security Guard : Last night was a chaos. Everyone got panicked when a boy suddenly got on the ledge. His wrist was bleeding. He threatened that he will jump.

People at the stall : Really? That's something we can't see everyday, didn't it? Haha. Anyway, did he really jumped? 

Security Guard : (Chuckled) Indeed. Haha. Well, he didn't. He was saved, and quickly rushed to the hospital.   What a close call.

People at the stall : That might be a close call, but I don't have a sense of sympathy for a lad like that. He didn't deserve it. What a fool. Didn't he know what are waiting for him in the afterlife if he did suicide last night? Everybody's doing everything they can to sustain a good health, but he purposely looking for death? 

Security Guard : Yeah, thats nothing but obvious stupidity. It is awful to know that an educated people like him would choose to commit such things. Well I might be just a security guard here, but it has never crossed my mind to do so, even though how hard my life has came to be. Well, maybe it is not too much to say that as for today, uneducated people are wiser than the educated ones. 

People at the stall : Yeah well, the world's turning upside down now.

Security Guard : Exactly. Well, you know, when most people got panicked, cried and chaotic as the boy stood on that third floor's ledge and threatened to jump, I must be the only one to say, " Do a backflip!" Hahaha.


Well then, I'm agree with both of them. They're right, those people who commit suicide or attempted to do it don't deserve any mercy nor sympathy. What, do they think life has no value at all? We live for no reason, and so do how we can choose to die? Haha. Great. 

They might be greatly unstable, emotionally interrupted or whatsoever, but there are solutions for all of that. No need to be over outraged and slit your own throat. That won't solve any of your problem, in fact it would only exacerbate it. Don't be a fool okay, value your life to the fullest.

"Islam is the solution" :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Mess With Anonymous

In an online game, Plant vs Zombies. There were three players online joining in, me, my worst, good-for-nothing high school friend who stayed just across the street, and an anon.

While playing, we chatted.

Fuad : Hey, great shot man. Smoke that man off already.

Me : Alright. Poww, he's a goner now. :)

Fuad : Yeah, thats a smoke! Great job dude. Hey, speaking about smoke, did you smoke that think I've given you in the class?

Me : That cigars? It was awesome man! It taste like hell, but its really doesn't matter. As long as it makes me looks cool. And macho.

Fuad : Hell yes! Thats my man! It might taste like shit for first timer but sooner you'll feel like you're in heaven. And yeah thats undeniable, it did really makes us look all cool and macho. Besides, thats the one that makes a man.

Me : Yup, I remembered our philosophy. "A man is a boy with a cigar."

Fuad : Right! 

By the time the anon stroke our soldiers and blast them off.

Fuad : Hey! That anon killed our comrades already! What the hell!

Me : Yea! Lets kill him rightaway!

Anon : You might kill me once, but I'm assuring that you'll die twice.

Me : And why the hell is I'm gonna die twice? I got only one profile here YOU TWAT!

Anon : First I'll kill you here, then you'll be killed at home.

Me : What? Now why am I gonna die at home??

Anon : I'll tell you why. First, for smoking cigarettes. Second, for misusing the money to buy cigars, from a jerky friend..

Fuad : Heyy!!!

Anon : .. and third, for calling YOUR FATHER A TWAT.


-me and fuad is now offline-

*don't mess with anonymous. It could be anyone.
*parents are tricky. Don't mess with them either. 
*smoking doesn't makes you look macho nor cool. It gave you cancer.
*there are no soldiers or comrades involved in Plant vs Zombies.
*this wasn't about me. I ain't a smoker, and I don't do those things =.="

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends Who Forget

Some friends are disappointment, not worth the effort of being concern to.

I'm a lil bit sensitive when it comes to friends, whatever they did to me that intentionally hurts my feelings would put a scratch in my heart. And even when they apologize, I might say "forget it", but sometimes it would appear to be the "easier said than done" thing. It'll just left another scar in my heart.

Yup, we man also got feelings. Especially when it deals with something that we care so much in. To me its friends.

It was so pathetic, some of my friends didn't feel the same for me. Neglecting my concerns for them, is actually damn heartbreaking. I tried to be a good friend, for I can't be the best, but to it seems to be inconspicuous for them to even value it. I don't think they even notice me as a friend of theirs, might be. Seems not a chance, if this is how they treated me.

Thanks :)

Yes I've always been around, but that really DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN TAKE ME FOR GRANTED.

Screw it, okay. I guess I shouldn't be too available. Did they perceive it? Did they consider anything about it? HELL NO. And far be it to value it. Thanks. You, whom it may concern, have given me the best moments of having friends. Forgetting it would take ages. Its nothing, just another deep deep scar. Thanks :)

I love you friends. But I won't be available anymore. You live your life, I live mine.

Forget it. Ignore this post. Its not for you. It just, sometimes I got hurt just so much and nobody notice it. All this while I tried to train my heart to be resistant to any disappointment or frustration, but sometimes it can't hold it anymore. It just, human. Forget it.

*feeling much better after writing this :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Love My Eyes

You know what, all my family members, except the youngest one and me, are "spectacular". Well, and why the heck are that word got those apostrophe? Well because I'm referring to that "spectacular" because they're all wearing "spectacles". None of my family member are that real spectacular yet. For no reason whatsoever.


Looking to that I'm feeling so lucky. I never wore glasses, and I would like to keep it that way forever. Hehe. Well anyway I didn't really find my sisters and my parents enjoy wearing it. It looks troublesome, and not much comfortable. Is it really? Maybe not to everyone. Perhaps some of them prefer glasses than nothing to put on. I don't know.

But my second sister, well, she's the opposite of what I just said when she was in her primary school. I still remembered that how that girl pondered to be just like my eldest sister, on her age, wearing glasses. And she's just 8 on that time! I guess it was just out of her curiosity, she wanna try everything she got in sight. 

All three sisters I have, they got one thing in common; they're seriously addicted to TV. Always got they're eyes glued to the screen. I guess that must be the reason why most of them are wearing glasses now. Me? Well I'm just so lucky coz I don't really got any fervor in watching TV. While the three sisters were having riots in the living room fighting and scrambling for the remote control, I got nothing to lose. I rarely watch it anyway, except if there's any interesting football match, like the one in two days ago. Hehe.

And I can't imagine how would I looks like in glasses. Err..

GODDAMMIT! It looks horrible!

Okay, wearing glasses is the worst idea. Ever.

A Little Imagination On World War III

Well I have the perfect reasons to believe that World War III isn't really an absurd idea. It is possible to happen, as we can see some great nations of the world today are in great denials with each other. 

This is one creative enjoyable singalong video I found on Youtube about an imagination of what would happen in World War III. 

This video made me feel that war is that fun. We can even sing a song on war, that lovely.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Terengganu, We're Victorious!

Yup I'm from Terengganu and I'm proud of it! Just after the epic match of the two ferocious rivals, Terengganu FC vs Kelantan FC ended, I couldn't hide it anymore, but my heart was really glowing inside in mirth. I was like, wee~

Dear God I was damn so happy!

To win such a match in FA Cup in Malaysia is remarkably awesome, other teams were roughly to say, equally great. And to win over Kelantan FC is truly an uphill struggle! They're tricky!

But my team from Terengganu, they got an equal strength on the pitch, physically, mentally as Kelantan do, eh wait no, Terengganu is actually slightly better! Coz they got the full support from a huge fan like me! Haha.

Both teams were great okay :)

Thats why I think this 2011 FA Cup Final match was just like, the "El Classico" of Malaysia. Haha. Sounds perfect :D

Anyway, we got a day off tomorrow as a commemoration to the winnings!

And we might have another day off the day after tomorrow too, a prize for winning SUKMA 2011, as well :)

Celebrating to last night's great 2-1 victory over Kelantan, this blog will be wearing that special header for a week.

What a glorious year for Terengganu! Proud to be born here :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are You Cool?

Everyone must have their own distinctive way on how they define the term "cool" in themselves, right? On the first place, this isn't the one that has something to do with degree Celsius okay. Naive :D

I found it is sometimes conspicuous on how myself deal with cool people. I'll be by any chance try to get acquainted with them. If you found me sometimes be nice to you in a very awkward time, like you don't know me but suddenly bumped into me and I slightly treated you so freaking nice as you have been knowing me for years, you must be one of them too! Huhu!

These kind of persons are seems to be so cool to me! Are you in? :D

1. People who read/ followed my blog but didn't leave any trace, like in the Chatbox or commented on the posts.     
For some strange reasons I don't know why I think they're so cool. I'll be contemplating to search these peoples and try to befriend with them then. Sounds odd, right? But I do think they're cool, you know, they did visit my blog and read it, but they left no links nor comments for me to visit them too, its like, they didn't really mind whether their visits are replied by another visit by me, or even known or not. They're like, so cool! Hehe. Look how weird I am. BUMMER. 

2. People who contributed a worthy idea in a very short comment. 
These people, to me, know exactly how to express a good idea without miles of explanation. They got a very bright idea, and just by leaving a short comment, left me ponder to think how true it was. That was a very cool comment, by a very cool people :)

3. People who wrote a very brilliant quote in his/her status update on Facebook. It could be amusing too.
I love to read quotes, most specially like a brainy quote that reading it is worthwhile, and funny jokes that could make me laugh, thinking how silly it was. The best status update I've read ever on Facebook is:

"Everyone can quit smoking, but it takes a real man to face cancer."

Haha. Amusing, and it made me think too. Well, this must be quoted from a very wise, heavy smoker. What a perfect reason to count on for not quitting smoking cigarettes. Damn it was so cool. 

And you know who wrote this as his status update? Me! Hahaha. Damn I was very cool! Hehe. But I ain't a smoker kayh! :)

4. Everyone who preferred to be single.
Yup, being single is cool! Its not like he's/she's such a loner, just they preferred it is way better to stay single. And they did everything on their own, a very independent and need not to cling to anyone to settle their own business. Its like, they can survive on their own. These guys are some kind of cool to me too :D

So literally everyone who has couple is never in my 'cool buddy' list at all. Hehe.

5. Every blog that delivers bright ideas.
I don't care who are the author, where he came from, in what language he wrote his posts or whatsoever that might sound like "judging a book from its cover", as long as his ideas aren't too preposterous to retrieve and he's not writing craps and junks, he's always on the list. Anyway, even if I want it too, I can't. He's obviously not a book for me to judge his cover. Burned. Okay, thats a crap.

6. Authors for English blogs in which he/she really have a remarkable flair in English.
Great, isn't it? I really love to read English articles, essays and poems written by amateurs in blogs. Its just very much genuine ideas and real creative. Here's a cool blog I really admires for its awesome literary, poetic posts. Plus the author really got tonnes of vocabs! Superb!

7. People who prefer to remain silent unless it is necessary for him to speak. 
He's cool coz his action speaks louder than words. Even in a situation in which people accused him, or he's being blamed for something he didn't commit, he stay cool and rather not to speak confrontational words to back himself up. He kept his temper smothered from everyone despite of the pressure he faced. But when he speak, that'll be a roar of a lion, and everyone shall listen to him. He got a respect for his voice. Amazing isn't it? Well, it sounds just like my father. :)

8. Unsung heroes.
Hell yes, this are real cool guys! Patriots, most particularly nationalism fighters who stands for the country when everyone yield away, sacrificed himself fighting alone till he fall down. I don't know who are they, but  believe there must be some national fighters who we didn't actually even realized they existed. And their deaths are unknown too, proving that they're not fighting, sacrificing, and dying for names and fame.. Yea, patriots were cool :)

9. Me.
Hahahahahahahahaha.. I'm cool, aren't I? The only time I don't feel cool was when I got hit by dengue fever. My body temperature was reaching 40 degree celcius, and that weren't cool at all! Hahaha. Okay, crap again! =.="

(and now it is suddenly about degree celcius! Ok, my bad. =.=")

Well I guess thats all. Amongst all those cool people I stated above, can you spot what they all have in common? Well?

What they got in common is, all of them got nothing in common! Hahaha! Got yaa.

Okay, knock it off. I think I'm starting to talk craps now. Huhu. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

A Break Up Story

June 6th, 2011. 10:11 a.m. 

Time flies. It has been almost a month after we broke up, but it's still circles in my mind on how I still feels the blame was on me, coz I merely has failed to explain to you why I turned around. I don't know what else to do. You deleted my messages on phone before reading it, you turned off the Chatbox whenever you saw me online, you never replied me; you did everything to keep yourself away from my words, even I merely just want to explain why I decided to end our melodramatic relationship, that instant. Why I betrayed your feelings, why I ignored your concerns about me, and why I don't think being together in the name of love is really works on both of us. You didn't, no, you still don't want to listen to me. 

Dear name, why must we hold grudge to each other over a ruined relationship? The thing is, you hates me. You hates me to the bottom of your heart. You mentioned me in every each of your status updates on how freaking evil I was to you, with hell of harsh words. Some kind of euphemism I guess. But I admit it, I was evil to you. I didn't appreciate your feelings on me when I decided to break up. You sacrificed a lot for me over those 6 months we've been together, but this is how I gave you in return; a break-up. I was evil. I was a bad guy, probably the worst guy you ever known in your entire life. 

But sincerely, frankly, and honestly, you have to know that the reason why I left you was just for the best sake of both of us. I don't mind anymore if you wanna say that I was being hypocritical over this, or I was just pretending to be a good man or whatsoever, as long as I know that I'm doing the right thing, I don't scare of anything. You didn't scare me with your ominous words of doing a revenge as a retaliation to me, you didn't scare me with your harsh words, you didn't scare me by getting your friends against me, or anything; I know I'm doing the right thing.

Dear name, I didn't want to overwhelm ourselves in sins over the false relationship we've pledge allegiance together all this while. You know what, I came to realize how vulnerable I was when we're together, and suddenly I felt shame for myself. I was from a well-known, respected high school for its Islamic background, in which templates everything must be made by putting religious matter first before others no matter what, and after I went out of the school, this is what I came to be? Getting myself involved my a relationship in the so-called name of love? 

I've betrayed all the Islamic values that I got from my previous school before. I got a very tight Islamic background, but I couldn't resist this. It really made me think, dear. This is why I turned around and decided to break up with this false relationship. The relationship in the so-called "name of love". I don't wanna say "couple", coz it made me felt so bad. Frankly.

Dear name, do you still remember the day when we spoke to each other about this. Its still clear in my mind on how we've agreed not to couple no matter how close we'll gonna be. No matter what, we'll stay together but not as a couple. But dear, out of blue, look what've came to us at last? We blatantly have violated our own words. We were recklessly kept drowning in the sweet memories of being together. Of being loved. And slightly forgot where the relationship shouldn't extends to. We've crossed the line we ourselves garrisoned. Sorry but I've to say, WTF on earth has happened to me?

We were blindfolded in the mirth, thats for sure. We kept swaying ourselves in the sweet relationship, without alarming how we've gone so far away. 

Well thats the F.

Thats why, my dear, I suddenly decided that this should not proceed any further. We've been so vulnerable, and I couldn't afford to risk it anymore, thats why I quit. 

Its up to you to believe me or not. You might still say that I'm pretending to be good again, its really up to you. Up to you if you couldn't accept a change in me to better, I don't care. 

If a man wanna change in his life and then criticized, mocked and accused to be pretending, you can obviously know who's right and who's wrong. You can say anything, and I will not react over those confrontational words ever again. I won't get offended again over those cranky disposition you shown me. 

Just one thing, I really wish that you will stop hating me one day. What the point of having vengeance, it won't solve anything instead of making it worse. We only live once, don't waste it with hates and grudges. 


June 6th, 2011. 12:15 p.m. 

(Its just a story, not necessarily about me) =)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 3 Most Popular Carreer In Malaysia

These are the top 3 most popular carreer prospects and sectors in Malaysia.

1. Doctors

We have 30 medical schools and institutes in Malaysia.

In 2010 we have 3650 medical graduates, and to 2020 it is anticipated that we'll be producing 3000 - 4000 medical graduates every year.

Current ratio for doctors per patients = 1 doctor is to 903 patients (1:903).

Conclusion : We need more doctors.

2. Engineers

We have 9 engineering schools and universities in Malaysia.

Extends to wide sectors and field of engineering, such as network engineering, automobile engineering, civil engineering, technical engineering, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering and so forth.

We have 60,000 registered engineers throughout Malaysia, with only 14,000 to 15,000 of them are profesionals.

We are expected to have 40,000 more engineers.

Conclusion : We need more engineers.

3. Artists

We have International College of Music (ICOM), Faculty Of Music in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Akademi Seni Budaya & Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), and thousands more of other private schools, such as YAMAHA Music School, Bentley Music Academy, Pianissimo School of Music etc.

Plus, we have more TV programmes and shows that are aimed to recruit and produce more artists by year. I heard lots more are coming.

All over Malaysia, we have UNCOUNTABLE numbers of artists, extending from independents to profesionals. Close to infinity.

Conclusion : Enough is enough!

Oh for God sake we already got much artists in here. Will you stop?