Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love is..?

Few weeks ago I signed in my Facebook account and took a mosey around my friends pages. Read a bunch of statuses from each profile, well none of them were about each of them, but do you know what they all got in common? All of them were melodramatic quotes, crediting to each others sweethearts, or at least, talk about nothing but love. 

Then I thought to myself; at the age of 19, is this the mating season for human? >.<

Few moments when I was "busy" stalking into each walls, someone greeted my on the chatbox. A girl I never knew, saying "hi". Then we chatted a lil'; talking about each other and all those boring questions : "how are you", "where do you live", "have you eaten", "what did you do today" etc. Then after a while she suddenly asked me if I've a girlfriend yet, and I replied no. I felt obliged to ask her the same and her answer is the same as mine, no. But she said she was looking for one. Well, what else could I say, I told her to chill coz I assured her that she'll find her match sooner or later, its just the matter of time. Then, she suddenly threw me a question :

"Do you want..?"

I knew I wasn't only blushing at the moment, but it gave me goosebumps too. Yeah! Its creepy to think how that question could be that easy to be thrown to a random guy, that was me, that she just found in just like, 30 minutes earlier! 

Just one question to girls : IS IT REALLY THAT EASY?

Few months ago, an almost exactly the same situation happened to me. I was chatting with a girl I just knew for 2 days (from Facebook) and she already talked about "marriage", "getting married" and "fated to be together". She said that she wished I'll marry her. 

Again, blushed face and goosebumps. >.<

Love is..? That easy..? That short? That simple? Really?

Friday, August 19, 2011

He's The Very Best Of Teacher

Huh, this blogs dusty! Hi all, I'm so sorry for not updating this blog for quite a while, well, its kinda north of a month coz my last post was dating from July 11th 2011. It was just because I got stuck in a situation of "so many things to do, so little time", facing 9 examination papers throughout the month. The worst thing is, it was the Final Examination papers. Yeah, the very last exam before I get to step into the life of a degree student, well, this upcoming September.

The reason why I took the Final Exam real late than the others because I caught a dengue fever when the others were facing the exam. So my exam was dragged to a date dating south of three months from the real final examination date, just for my recovery.

But as my exam was scheduled to be in July, so I have to arrange my own place to stay throughout the 5 days period of exam. But then I decided to just stay at my previous hostel, even it is already occupied with juniors. Well, sharing is caring right? Plus it won't take any longer, just a 5 days period. A LONG 5 DAYS PERIOD.

It was actually a very long, tough a week of 5 days. There were always obstacles, like when I lost my baggage at the bus station in Seremban, when I had to take a paper without an identification card and proper attire (coz my cloths were all there in the lost bag!), and of course, when I had to explain why to the people at the examination center. That moment I was really have to cling to my own self, coz I got nobody to assist me with everything.

But I was so lucky a very generous lecturer got my back. He was Mr. Arho, who teach Physics to the foundation students in my university. He helped me everyday with almost everything; gave me a ride to my hostel, treated me lunch, gave me his office keys in case I want to study in a period between the papers, supported me morally etc. Served me all the assistance I need along such a week of helter skelter like that . I owed him really that much.

On my last day there before I had my last paper, I told Mr. Arho my mechanical pencil was broken and so I wished to borrow a pencil from him. I put the dismantled mechanical pencil on his table (it was terrible broken) all scattered, before I thanked him and left to face the paper. 3 hours later when my paper was over I came back to his office, but he wasn't there. But suddenly I saw my mechanical pencil was still there on the table, but fully mantled and in a good shape. Yes, he fixed it for me, man. I was so touched :)

In the evening when he sent me back to my hostel for the last time, I hugged him real tight, thanked him for helping me and treated me really good, even though before this we never got to know each other that better. I mean, he didn't teach my class or my lecture. I just met him by coincidence before that. But he treated me otherwise; just like I was his son. I felt so touched by his kindness and so lucky to have his assistance. Really do.

He's one of the best teacher I've ever known :) Mucho gracias, Mr. Arho.