Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Wrong With Coupling?

I have to accept the fact that most of friends today aren't really aware on how destructive "coupling" can be to their faith, as a Muslim. Most of them chose to let themselves drowning in love, blindfolded by those sweet words, romances and the feeling of being loved, without alarming that all of those mirth, happiness and gleeful memories are all FAKE!

And I'm writing this based from my very own pathetic, shameful little experiences. I hate to think how foolish I was. 

Why I said it is fake? Okay now read this and believe me.

90 percents of every each of my friends who have girlfriends/boyfriends last their melodramatic relationship that they've sworn allegiance to before, with a simple break up. No other couples survived. They'll be just as anticipated, break up in the end. Believe me, its just the matter of time. I saw it all, couples come and go. Things that have been making me laugh all this while were to see how status updates of sweet words as "I love you dear", "How I miss you", "Can never live without you", suddenly went rouge and became, "Go f*ck yourself bitch", "Fool I was freaking retarded loving him", "Sh*t I've wasted 5 years of my lifetime loving a cunt". What a joke.

At first he'll say, "Dearie you're the best thing that I've ever had in my life", well,  indeed it is, you're really the best thing he ever had. But one day when he suddenly bumped into another girl that adores him more than you, that girl will then be "the bestest". And slowly he'll be looking out for a reason to get rid of you from the relationship. In short he'll some day say to you, "Now I come to realise that we didn't really fit each other, you didn't understand me", and will start point out absurd reasons that you never even remembered when on earth have you be so to him, as like "you've been too ignorant of my feelings", "you're always mad at me, I can stand it no more", "I saw you walked with him twice, and I'm not buying that crap anymore". Well, that's all bullshit. He just wanna see you walk away, coz it will be a good riddance for him then. 

Don't believe me? GIVE OUT A TRY AND DO THANK ME.

Thats all. He or she will never say that three words if you didn't look good in his sight/ her sight. Apparently, your so-called soulmate are proud to call you his/her sweetheart in front of others because you're just looks so good. Wanna give out a test? Have a facelift and he'll be away in three days. Literally. Sarcastically. 

So this is what you call a "true love"? Oh give me a break.

Yes, that is, as long as you are dealing with this couple thing. You won't realise. Lusts, evil whispers blindfolded you. Thats why you feels everything is so good so far and you never this happy before. Its like you're living in your own world, when you're truly not. And slowly, you'll be creeping out of your Islamic looks and practices. You'll start to hold his/her hand, touch him/her, kiss him/her, and when this happens, when both of you starts touching each other in the so-called "name of love", it will then starts to take its toll. You'll have the gut to do thing further worse. 

THIS ARE ALL SINS. But you never gonna realise it all. Inconspicuous.

Brothers and sisters, I'm not against love. I never was. It's the very nature of human to love each other and irresistible. 

"And among His signs is this, that he Created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect."

Ar Rum, aya 21.

All I'm asking was, please have it in a proper way. Appropriately Islamic. 

Coupling isn't a way in Islam. Why don't you just give it up and accept it.


faysapphire said...

t0tally agree lar bro!

saypeace said...

thumbs up, agreed.

it's true; love- a very nature & never ever dare to go against it...jgn lawan, tp pandu dgn betul.

everything you define me said...

Yup. Stay away from it kay :)

♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

Good Tazkirah. :)

everything you define me said...

Syukran ya ukhti :)Sekadar berkongsi

fatin amirah said...

:D ehehehe.ok,kena

everything you define me said...

fatin : haha yesss :)

Anonymous said...

awesome one! don't ever dare to come any single step's just nothing. for now at least =)

adysuR said...

Good one~

Zawani Zainudin said...

well said! thumbs up for the post!