Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's Osama bin Laden?

"The most wanted, crafty and feared Muslim in world history, Osama bin Laden has finally got assassinated in Abbotabad, Pakistan on the 2nd of May 2011 during a heavy gunshots assaulted by US Army. Osama has been in the top list of the most wanted terrorists in US since the last 10 years, which was actually after the 911 (WTC airstrike) tragedy and since then US military has been hunting for him and tracking his location throughout Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and other neighboring countries, but in vain."

That is what reported to us. But is it true? How they can be so sure that the dead body found in the house is Osama's? 

No, hold on there. Before that..


Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, or better known as Osama bin Laden (born in March 10, 1957) is the founder of al-Qaeda organisation and responsibled for the September 11 atttacks and other mass-casualty attacks against civilians and military targets. He was the member of the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family.

That is what I got from Wikipedia. And that is one version of "the truth of Osama bin Laden". That is what global mass media has been telling us all this while. It is so far officially accepted and believed. 

Here is another version.


In a documentary film broadcasted by BBC "The Power of Nightmares", it is recorded that CIA admitted that al-Qaeda "so-called founded" by Osama bin Laden is actually a made-up story. They hired one guy named Jamal al Fadl to coordinate all this confusion by asking him to create the storyline of al-Qaeda. 

So who's Osama bin Laden? Is is said that the name Osama bin Laden is not even exist. Not at all. He's actually a CIA agent named Tim Osman. There's some evident saying that Tim Osman appeared to be in White House and some other US Military base.

So there are TWO DISTINCTIVE versions of "the truth of Osama bin Laden". Somebody can make a book out of it! 

So which "truth" should be believed? Can somebody tell me?

There are too many versions of stories of truth in this world, spinned by those medias and we are forced to believe one of them. They're the one who coordinates what story they want the world to believe. 


May Allah guide us all.

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