Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poems : High School's Leftovers


This wasn't from the box, but still some of my best shot from high school. Hehe. If you feel like reading, go on but don't taunt me then. K? Haha. (This is totally ridiculuos, just this is the first time I'm publishing my writings to the public and I'm feeling like I'm just telling you my dirty little secret, that, I'm surprisingly do have a sense of romance too, a lil bit) Well thats a shame you know! :P

"The Crying Heart"

My heart is now gone,
She kills it by the words blown,
Since that I'm alone,
And the sadness are just born,
In my heart filled with a deep lovelorn.

As I bring my eyes to the turbulent sea,
The waves slightly bring shells back to the deep,
And my mind starts to role memories.

If just they can wash this sadness,
Till this heart bleed less,
Doctors means nothing in this case,
To wipe this crying heart from this mess.

*                    *                    *

<  Awful isn't it? I don't know what I got in mind when I wrote this 3 years ago, but frankly, when I reread it I found it didn't even satisfy a poem. Haha. Awful. Whatever. Its still my high school writing anyway, so I'm still posting it. But it wasn't so bad I guess, coz its still have the same rhythm on the back. Hehe. Ugh, okay, fine, honestly, its bad =(   >


Since they are 6 till they say goodbye,
They keep doing it, as they had to try,
From lovely kindergarten to a complicated university they face by,
To achieve the goal of their life.

God's creation called human had to learn,
As they don't want to be foolen,
By some damned men,
When that happened they had to take the lesson,
And taught it to the next generations.

Having knowledge is one of the factors,
That solves matter,
That makes us mature,
And also, thats brighten our future,
In lives before death and after.

Now keep up what you are doing,
And makes lazy means nothing,
Remember the time is ticking,
So, lets start our learning!

*                    *                    *

< This is form 4's, if I weren't mistaken. So you judge =)  >

"What I Tries To Say"

I have a love,
Between me and she,
Or maybe,
Between a hoping boy,
And a loving girl.

I have a feel,
Between myself and nobody,
Between my eyes and my heart,
But since something fishy,
Seems that I'm alone,
One-sided love and nobody realized.

I have a thought,
Between me and she,
Somebody exist,
Thought thats full of doubt,
Thought of maybe,
And wild beated heart alerted,
'Nothings impossible on world'.

And as I'm holding that words,
My well-functionedbrain plays its role,
'Is it possible she loves me?',
And its answering positively,
Curiosity starts ruling my mind,
Finding of hiding answers besides appearing questions.

Before I steps into the class,
I saw the apple of my heart,
My feet suddenly frozen,
Ans she saw me too,
On her lips was a smile,
And I received positive reaction,
Just before I was over the moon.

This morning was a letter on my desk,
Lovely letter but nameless writer,
It was a letter of beautiful words,
It was a letter of romance,
Till that day I learned,
Her eyes were always on me,
And till that day I discovered,
What a beautiful love!

*                    *                    *

<   Haha.You know what, this is what I mean by being hilarious. Don't you see how I hate to be such this melodramatic? I really do, but it was Form 4's, and I was completely such a nerd, naive and innocent. So don't blame me. I was just such a desperado for some loving.. erm on that moment, of course. I'm no longer so, okay? XD >

Well thats all I'm sharing for now. I think I pulled up something just now , my back suddenly hurts. I can't take it, I'm leaving on for now. Bye ~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Form 5 Essays and Poems


Greetings everyone!

When I reopened that old dusty 'high school memories box' I found some scrolls and rolled papers but on that meantime I don't even intend to open it. But as things got harder coz I got so many time left to spend (sometimes a lil bit depressed coz I was bored to death, just hanging around my room and did nothing, hehe, its killing me u know), so, just to kill time, I explored everything I didn't previously in that box.

It were nothing but essays and poems I've made years ago, when I was paradoxically a creative minded youngster on that time. Yeah, haven't I told you that? Several years ago I was a kid full of melodramas and had often got myself so seriously into arts. In fact, I am still part of art enthusiasm till now, but since I haven't trained myself for quite long time, I left it dead and gain no interest anymore about it.

I'm not that well talented person, but at least there are still something I can do about it. When I was younger I was exposed to the world of comic books, fantasy cartoons and caricature, and latest, manga and anime (which I got well infected), and I think I kinda like it. So I trained myself a lil bit about drawing skills and made it as a one of my favourite pastime. It was kid's stuff, but it was rooted to my soul so deeply till I had even think of being an artist, or a cartoonist one day. That sounds serious, but still, its still just a kid's stuff, so as time passed, it left dead. The only carcass it left is the skills; I still got some of it, but not so good of course. Huhu.

When I was 16, I was excited about literature and languages. I was quite serious about that also, and decided to train myself writing as well. But at the same time, I never stop drawing. So I did both; comics and novels, but unfortunately I never finished them. When I completed one episode on my comic book, I let my friends read it. Surprisingly, they liked it! Haha, and they had always demanded for more episodes, so I did 5 episodes of them before I stop, just to please them. And then I concentrated on my writings and try to complete a novel. But it never happened, (and I don't know why) huhu. But I still managed to complete and have several poems and essays, which now kept safe and sound in the box.

I'm sharing with you today, one of my high school essay, entitled 'Love'.


Love is something universal. You may love your parents, your friends, your brothers, or even everybody you fancy, but a love to a person you really adores is distinctively different. It is a gift from God to have such a feeling to the person who you think can make you happy together and willing to share everything with you as a life partner. And as any other person, me too had experienced love to the only girl I realyy admires all this while, who now had now become my wife, Alice.

I had firstly met Alice at my primary school, when we just reached 10 years old. But although we were in the same school, I did not know her very well, as we were in different classes. And as we're still yet too small on that time, so I did not have any feelings to her at all. She was just like any other friends of mine and no other. But after all, my chidlhood memories that I had with her when I was a child had actually become a stepping stone for me to start knowing her better and started to like her later.

After I finished my studies there, I moved to a secondary school in Arkansas, where I met her again there. It is like we were really fated to be together, when me and Alice were arranged to be in the same class again for the next 5 semesters we had. That was quite a long time, long enough for me to get to know her better then. Being 5 semesters together had tied us into a very close friend, where we had shared laughs and tears together through the years.

As time passes, me and Alice had become closer and closer. Our relationship is just like tangles on a string; which can never be separated. That was the moment where I realized that I had really fall in love with her deeply. I learned that I could never live without her on my side. So, after weighing pros and cons, I had decided to confess my feelings to her. Of course I did not want to end up with her just as a friend.

So, on the allocated day, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with her. And just after the Graduation Day celebration; our last as school student there, I had confessed to her heartilyabout my feelings. I'm feeling like on top of the world when she answered positively to my brave confessional. It was such one of the most wonderful day ever I had in my life. I am so happy that she had also loves me, as well as I am. We had pledged allegiance to each other and promised to keep our love.

At the age of 20, I had became a chef at a famous hotel in Missouri, while Alice was a salesgirl at a nearby market there. Even though it had been 5 years after the graduation date, yet we were still held on our love. As other couples, we were still spent some times together by the weekends and had dinner together. It continues till we had finally married 5 months later. And with the good salary I had as a chef, I had bought a big luxurious mansion on the hillside at South Carolina, where me and Alice had settled there as a newly-wed couple. We had led a happy life there together in a family, till now.

Although it had been almost 40 years from the graduation date, my love to Alice had never fades. To me, she is still the same beautiful Alice as 40 years ago. I still loved her, and will always love her as my true love till the day I die.

The End

Haha. Such a wrecked essay right? With all the grammatical errors, I think it fits myself as a 17 years old boy's essay, especially on 'Love' as I had never have any experience about that before. Huhu. 

Still epic to me anyway. =)

Next posts will be on poems. Hihi. That would be hilarious. See ya later dude!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging : What Does It Supposed To Mean?

"But it doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t blog just to prison myself in my own personal asylum, feeling guilty whenever I didn’t update my blog. Who cares? Real bloggers blog for the passion. When you feel like updating, you update, when you don’t have the desire, just don’t."

Well thats not mine, just one of my friend's very own thought about bloggers who keep blogging for their own satisfactory, or just to keep his followers around. Surprisingly, I think he was right. Bloggers should never feel obliged to keep his blog updated all the time to satisfy others but themselves. Its shouldn't be considered as a must-do, (well that sounds troublesome to me), obviously not. It should be such place for the bloggers to express his pleasure by sharing their thoughts personally, not to hope someone will read it, but for his own passion. Thats what real bloggers do.

(I really think he was saying that to me on purpose, so if really so, thanks in return)

But anyway, its really doesn't matter to me. I'm not here for fame or looking forward for more people to follow my blogsite, I'm here coz I'm naturally loves writing. So why don't make a blog and so I can write all the time, anything I want, anytime I'm pleased. Books? Diary? Journal? Well folks, to me, my blogs are literally all of those three being compiled together. I have written all of those, my personal writings, articles, autobiographies, and everything related to me. So it is some kind of diary as well. The only difference is it is better; it don't get old, and termites can't eat it up. Its safer here online =)

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Box Of High School Memories

Assalamua'laikum w.b.t.

Time could never be enrolled back, the only pieces it left to prove its existence is memories. I knew and I love my high school memories, coz there were no doubt to say that all the moment I had in my high school is distinctively unique and wonderful. I lived my life as a growing up adolescent to the fullest there, in my high school. There I found friendship, courage, respect, mirth, and even love.

I couldn't anticipate if I would still have a clear pictures about those sweet memories in the future for next 20 or 30 years, so I've made a special box in commemorating these wonderful memories.

Yeah, its just a skinny box, but size doesn't matter. Its still a special box to me, coz I got all I need in it to go back into my favourite teenage life's pastimes; my schooling life. Here are what I got in the box, just a special and rare of my late high school's leftovers :

High school health record
Monthly Fees Record
This is one special book; dot games! We always used to
play this game in class while teachers are not around ;p

Special letters (some of them are really kind of sweet memories to me =))

My note books (form 4- form 5)

My school library card (proving I've been there at least, once ;p)

Special cards I got in high school

My School Pax Number Pack (I've never change my number since then, till now)

My last class timetable 

Some old pictures of me

L sticker for my bike (in remembrance of me riding my bike to school everyday, with this L licence ;p)

Compass (me and my friends had once used this compass while hiking and jungle trekking)

This online CD game worth only RM2 (Got it last year)

My favourite buttons

Nostalgic Adhesive Glue (cost only 50cents, but theres something special about it ;p)

Youth School Club's

My high school old handphone (it had been worn out)

Old MP3 player

My best and precious Parker pen


Worn out card reader

Special 1971's coin

You might see nothing special about these, but to me it worth a lot of memories. So I'm keeping it safe and sound in the box for the next 20 years, just so I'll never forget anything about it.

(I'm kinda missing my schooling life =P)

Thats all for now.

Assalamua'laikum. TC.