Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.:Off The Wall:.

++Hey there..

This is my very own blog,http//:www.outschoolspotted.blogspot.com/,and I'm newly just outta the school life. For instance,I just having my SPM exams off my schedule and so,still celebrating the new incoming chapter in my life. This quite so exciting moment,having my life out OFF THE WALL of the school where I've been for the first 8 years of my life,and yet still too much things to be learned after this.But afterall,as this is the most awaited moment for me,so I'm thinking to do all the things I could never do before this. There is a list of things to do after this,composing from all the activities I wanta run after the SPM,such as:

1.Get my bike updated,(like modifying,fixing,progressing etc.)

2.Finish my reading on a book.

3.Clean my room.

4.Get rid of all the messes.

5.Fulfill all the appointments

6.Get a guitar.

7.Get my blogs and website updated.


9.Hang out with my friends all the time.

10....and of course,try to get a job.

I'm still working on these things and hopefully I'll get it all done later.Yeah.

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