Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Yesterday,on my way to somewhere,I use an alternative route passing my old school. Well,I learned something weird getting on my nerve while passing my old high school left behind. Its new to me to find myself out of the school on school days. Yeah,so odd to have such feelings,but one thing for sure thats begins everything and lasts everything,that I'm an outschool now..Its the start of my new chapter of my life,living an outschool life. I'm off the uniforms,teachers,text books,assembly points,canteen,class, and all the things related to my high school and guess what? Thats all damn so cool!

I'm so excited to find myself off the school where I've been for the past 5 years of my life,a place where I always want to be out of before. It feel more to me,just like a jail cell or a penitentiary to have all the days locked to be spent at school but nowhere,but now I'm damned so free! Well,huh,what to say? Its still hard for me to believe that everything is so real.

Coming back to my pasts,I've spent over all 13 years of my life living in a schooling life,an I only lived for almost 18 years. Thats mean I've spent lots,lots of times schooling and studying basics,and all of these had just last 3 weeks ago,on my last day of SPM. Everythings over,but for sure one thing left from all 13 years of school times that will never last and shall never fades away;the memories..

All the memories will be kept in my mind. The teachers,classes,schools and friends will never be forgotten,but will be ever remembered as it should be.Wherever,whenever,and whoever my friends are,they'll stay just here in my minds,in our minds.To all my friends from all SHAMSIANs batch SPM '09, good luck in your life. Miss you guys~

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