Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Fooling Around

Out of mood. Muddled,confused and flustered of something. Thinking of ways to ease my mind. So I wrote this.

31 / 12 / 2009 , 11.58 p.m.
The melodrama begins with one simple SMS. One simple SMS but the message was not.

"Farewell.. We have been together for so long.. We have shared all, laughs and tears along.. Forgive me if I ever done you wrong.."

The mirth suddenly fades. Its startlet me a lot. I have my focus just on the message now. Trying to figure out whats what. What?

No. Its just a simple goodbye.

Yes,I know that. Farewell means nothing but a firm goodbye. Huh?

She's leaving me? You're leaving me dear?? Oh..

Shocked, but still I tries to reply then. But just before I press 'send' ,another SMS hit me first. Now what?

"You have insufficient airtime balance. Please reload to continue.." - 4000

Argh!! Damn! Not again..

But I must reply. No, I cannot afford to lose her. Never. Wait, my love.. wait till I have my reload.. Please don't leave me..

12.15 a.m.
On my bike, on my way to 7 Eleven. Thats the only way, the only hope for me to reload my prepaid account in this hour.

My heart rhythm along with the speed in the deepness of the midnight. Whatever it is, I must be fast! Time can obliterate my chance to meet her ever again. Oh no, dear...Why must you say goodbye? Why must we end up like this? Please don't..

"Sometimes solutions aren't so simple..
Sometimes goodbyes the only way.." - Linkin Park; Shadow of the Day

Out of blue the song crossed my mind. Ahh!! Not supportive. Hate you Linkin Park.. Please don't leave me dear.. No..

12.28 a.m.
Yeah, finally I reached this place; 7 Eleven. A place that enlightens up my chance to be with her again. My love,wait..

At the counter, rashly I pickpocketted myself, looking for money. But it seems to be much more spacious than it should be... Oh, man..

Its empty!! I missed it at home!! !@#$%.. Urgh...

I speeded for home then.

12.47 a.m.
I whine myself along my way here. But now I'm here again. 7 Eleven. Now with a wallet in my hand.

Seconds later, I got what I want. My fingers are now in pursuit on the keypad, typing a mesage to her hurrily. I hope I'm just not too late..

"Sweetheart, why must we say goodbye? Please don't leave me dear.. I love you more than you know, and I can't live without you by my side.. I kept thinking of you everyday since the first time I saw you.. Please don't leave me.. You're like an angel bla bla bla..." I replied. I hope those sweet words will change her mind and accept me back. I really hope so..

1.06 a.m.
Still at 7 Eleven. Still waiting for her to reply.

And finally..."beep!" Here comes the message! My heart leaped with joy. Carefully, I read it.

"Hm? Dear, I love you too.. Thanks for that.. Thats so sweet.. But whats not is, I just don't get it yet.. Who are going to leave you?"

Huh? She's not leaving me? So what does the ''farewell'' means?

Or did I missed something?

Quickly I reopenened the last message she sent. The message that just drove me crazy, led me here in the middle of the night. Ah..,come on.. Please don't..

"Farewell.. We have been together for so long.. We have shared all, laughs and tears along.. Forgive me if I ever done you wrong.."

"So long 2009! Welcome 2010! Happy new year! =) "

Ops.. hehe.. What a shame..

-never about me- xD


mercAfiq said...

natam, jiwang molek, kicik2 ade awek doh mu.. btw, vocab mu banyak, mujur komputer ak ade kamus.. lol.. bahang mane gop vocab banyok2?

everything you define me said...

natam pe..ak reke j or..hahak..laa..same aa pe mu..bce ar kamus okmo..xpom mu dgr lagu omputih,cri aa lam kmus hok mu dop tw..cet..cm pro j ak ckp..huahaha xD

kidin said...

afiq dok sedor kater ke orang kecik.

adysuR said...


Len kali bace mesej sampai habis.
Nasib baek tak melibatkan ramai org.

everything you define me said...