Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Riddance

Hey there,
I am wondering if you were listening,
'Coz I'm here to tell you something,
That afterall I am still suffocating,
In a thought 'bout you where I'm living.

Hey there,
Losing you is what I can't afford,
'Coz you are special in all sorts,
And being with you please me a lot,
Sorry for saying things you are not.

Hey there,
I know that this can't last forever,
But at least lets make it last longer,
Sharing all laughs and tears together,
And so we could understand each other better.

But now all left is just memories,
'Coz breaking up with you comes with misery,
And the sadness, it was complimentary,
All I can say is just sorry..

-good riddance of you-