Saturday, June 11, 2011

Terengganu, We're Victorious!

Yup I'm from Terengganu and I'm proud of it! Just after the epic match of the two ferocious rivals, Terengganu FC vs Kelantan FC ended, I couldn't hide it anymore, but my heart was really glowing inside in mirth. I was like, wee~

Dear God I was damn so happy!

To win such a match in FA Cup in Malaysia is remarkably awesome, other teams were roughly to say, equally great. And to win over Kelantan FC is truly an uphill struggle! They're tricky!

But my team from Terengganu, they got an equal strength on the pitch, physically, mentally as Kelantan do, eh wait no, Terengganu is actually slightly better! Coz they got the full support from a huge fan like me! Haha.

Both teams were great okay :)

Thats why I think this 2011 FA Cup Final match was just like, the "El Classico" of Malaysia. Haha. Sounds perfect :D

Anyway, we got a day off tomorrow as a commemoration to the winnings!

And we might have another day off the day after tomorrow too, a prize for winning SUKMA 2011, as well :)

Celebrating to last night's great 2-1 victory over Kelantan, this blog will be wearing that special header for a week.

What a glorious year for Terengganu! Proud to be born here :D


syara depp~ said...

dude, i dont know why i love your blg so much.. haha.. me from terengganu tu! woohoo!

Saefullah said...


everything you define me said...

Thanks :)

Ms Syara : Oh really? Ganu kiteeee :D

Saefullah : Be sure to spread this news to our friends in Jordan! :D

SyazWaniAmira said...

im very proud it... ;)

everything you define me said...

Ms SyazWaniAmira : Me either! I was like, just got blast off of a cannon into and over the moon after the whistle blown! Really proud of it! Huhu.


sangat setia said...

:( huh ! npe ini berlaku ? :D

everything you define me said...

Ms sangat setia : Let me guess. You're from Kelantan right? :D

Well lets just say Terengganu just got lucky last night. :)

It was a truly equal match last night :D

aksara said...

proud to be terengganuits =) terkilan tak leyh pi stadium.