Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends Who Forget

Some friends are disappointment, not worth the effort of being concern to.

I'm a lil bit sensitive when it comes to friends, whatever they did to me that intentionally hurts my feelings would put a scratch in my heart. And even when they apologize, I might say "forget it", but sometimes it would appear to be the "easier said than done" thing. It'll just left another scar in my heart.

Yup, we man also got feelings. Especially when it deals with something that we care so much in. To me its friends.

It was so pathetic, some of my friends didn't feel the same for me. Neglecting my concerns for them, is actually damn heartbreaking. I tried to be a good friend, for I can't be the best, but to it seems to be inconspicuous for them to even value it. I don't think they even notice me as a friend of theirs, might be. Seems not a chance, if this is how they treated me.

Thanks :)

Yes I've always been around, but that really DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN TAKE ME FOR GRANTED.

Screw it, okay. I guess I shouldn't be too available. Did they perceive it? Did they consider anything about it? HELL NO. And far be it to value it. Thanks. You, whom it may concern, have given me the best moments of having friends. Forgetting it would take ages. Its nothing, just another deep deep scar. Thanks :)

I love you friends. But I won't be available anymore. You live your life, I live mine.

Forget it. Ignore this post. Its not for you. It just, sometimes I got hurt just so much and nobody notice it. All this while I tried to train my heart to be resistant to any disappointment or frustration, but sometimes it can't hold it anymore. It just, human. Forget it.

*feeling much better after writing this :)


Saefullah said...

ur becoming more and more emotional now,,like me! hehe
i guess thats good,,is it?

nadiah_R said...

your story is actually the same as mine.. but now i'm quite happy since i've found my real friends.. so don't worry... :)

everything you define me said...

saefullah : sometimes, in which means everytime, yup, I've a lil bit too sensitive. Idk is it just me or they're really had crossed the line for being such a great ignorant, but it really hurts my feelings. coz I really care so much about them, I did texted them when I missed them or whenenevr I haven't seen them for quite a time. but they've never replied :( sometimes simple things like that could really crush my heart..

everything you define me said...

nadiah : Good for you :) I wished someday I'll find my real, true friends who appreciate me as well as I do value them.. thanks..

Suhaiza said...

aku pernah ada dalam situasi kau...I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone. I really know how it feel. Trust Me.

My advice : STOP BEING a PEOPLE PLEASER! Buat baik pada sape yang layak dapat kebaikan tu je. Yang lebihnya tolak tepi.

And believe me...kat luar sana, ada kawan yang baik...mungkin kau belum jumpa...atau ada kat depan mata kau...tapi kau tak nampak...hehe :)

everything you define me said...

suhaiza: true, but it will be an obvious violation on my personal attitude towards others all this while; be kind to everyone. i admit it, I am a people pleaser, coz I thought it was the best attitude to treat others, but in some other way, it hurts me now when they didn't really treat me as well as I do. Its not like I hoped to get somthing in return, just, I wanna be a fiend of theirs.. I meant, like true friends.. true friends never neglect others, right? never hurt others, right? well,it is all the opposite of my friends..

yup, lets hope so.. :)

aksara said...

true friends are hard to find. but sure you will find them someday.+)
* don't worry*

everything you define me said...

aksara : right. finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack. i mean, a very huge haystack. huhu. i hope i will find one soon. yea lets wish so :) thanks by the way