Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Love My Eyes

You know what, all my family members, except the youngest one and me, are "spectacular". Well, and why the heck are that word got those apostrophe? Well because I'm referring to that "spectacular" because they're all wearing "spectacles". None of my family member are that real spectacular yet. For no reason whatsoever.


Looking to that I'm feeling so lucky. I never wore glasses, and I would like to keep it that way forever. Hehe. Well anyway I didn't really find my sisters and my parents enjoy wearing it. It looks troublesome, and not much comfortable. Is it really? Maybe not to everyone. Perhaps some of them prefer glasses than nothing to put on. I don't know.

But my second sister, well, she's the opposite of what I just said when she was in her primary school. I still remembered that how that girl pondered to be just like my eldest sister, on her age, wearing glasses. And she's just 8 on that time! I guess it was just out of her curiosity, she wanna try everything she got in sight. 

All three sisters I have, they got one thing in common; they're seriously addicted to TV. Always got they're eyes glued to the screen. I guess that must be the reason why most of them are wearing glasses now. Me? Well I'm just so lucky coz I don't really got any fervor in watching TV. While the three sisters were having riots in the living room fighting and scrambling for the remote control, I got nothing to lose. I rarely watch it anyway, except if there's any interesting football match, like the one in two days ago. Hehe.

And I can't imagine how would I looks like in glasses. Err..

GODDAMMIT! It looks horrible!

Okay, wearing glasses is the worst idea. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Ok jer. Haha

everything you define me said...

Sayangilah mata anda..wuuu

4a4crew said...

I hope nobody who wore glasses get offended. No discrimination. Hehe. This is a free country. Hahaha.

Suhaiza said...

Entah kau ni...kang ada gak orang yang pakai cermin mata terasa kang...haha :)

sape pakai cermin mata hot okay...tak caye? watch this!

everything you define me said...

suhaiza: Haha. aku cuma cakap yg glasses nampak macam troublesome je bila pakai. bukan cakap x lawa. hee.

haha, a'ah, model tu mmg lawa indeed. tapi lau aku pakai nampak mamcam nerd tegar. hahahaahaha =.="