Monday, June 20, 2011

The Truth Is, I Didn't Yet Have My Final Exam!

I got something to tell ya. Two months ago, when everybody were breaking their backs preparing for the final exam during the study week, I suddenly caught a dengue fever. It was the worst fever, in fact the worst 2 weeks of my life. I was shaking, trembling like a leaf on the bed, and my body was steaming hot. It was reaching 40 degree celcius, and I could firmly assure you, it wasn't really got any better in the first week. On the other hand, I got weaker and weaker everyday. 

I was just merely couldn't do anything. My only room mate was quite ignorant, the one that I really could "count on"; while I was dying on the bed, he kept on studying on his desk! How could he.. I couldn't say a word, but again, never mind, I was just so lucky my other housemates got my back. One of them kindly assisted me to the clinic, but the doctor inspect nothing serious. Nothing serious? But then he gave me Paracetamol and asked us to go to hospital if if didn't really cease in 2 or 3 days. 

Well the next day, I was still shaking on my bed, and I felt worse. I didn't think I could afford to wait for another 2 or 3 days, so my housemate again, decided to send me to a hospital. They brought me to Hospital Serdang, and finally, the doctor spotted that I got symptoms for dengue. That was nothing surprising, coz my friends had been telling that to the doctors in the clinics on the first place, but they didn't believe it. Well, looking to the bright side, at least now they wouldn't take my case lightly as the doctors in the previous clinics. 

But I was wrong. They were still saying that there was nothing going on, so they let me go that night. Then the next day at my hostel, my whole body was seriously shivering, no joke, I mean like, REAL serious. This time if the doctor still gonna say that there were still nothing going on, I would strangle him to death myself. LOL. 

But then guess what, that doctor survived. He finally told us I was really on dengue and would be hospitalized right away. Phew! God bless him. =.=" 

I was there for 3 days till my father came on board and transferred me to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah Kuala Terengganu. Even though my mind was troubled by the dengue, and the final exams I left behind, but still, its good to be home :) 

But anyway, the thing that pinged me that moment was, the doctor there said that I was in critical stage of a dengue fever! Critical, oh Lord, I got real panicked, and merely thought of death. I knew everything could happen that time. I heard lots of dengue cases which ended with deaths, and those cases kept looming in my mind on that moment. I was scared.

Time flew, and approaching a week I've been there the dengue finally started to cease. My body temperature dropped to normal, and I felt healthy again. I was real happy, so thankful to the Exalted for granting me with health again. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

Within 3 days I was finally allowed to get home :)

But I'm still have one job undone; Final Exam. It has been 2 months but still no news about it, but I'm working hard on it right now. Pray for me, everything will be fine okay? :)

Okay, back to my study desk! 

Cheerio :)


d-artyn said...

gudluck dely. go go chaiyok (:

ima said...

aiyookk xamek final ;p go to desk and score 4.0 weeep

everything you define me said...

faten : :) thankss, hehe

everything you define me said...

ima : 4.o is totally overrated! hahaha. but nothing impossible :) hehe aigoo. :D

thank you :)