Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Mess With Anonymous

In an online game, Plant vs Zombies. There were three players online joining in, me, my worst, good-for-nothing high school friend who stayed just across the street, and an anon.

While playing, we chatted.

Fuad : Hey, great shot man. Smoke that man off already.

Me : Alright. Poww, he's a goner now. :)

Fuad : Yeah, thats a smoke! Great job dude. Hey, speaking about smoke, did you smoke that think I've given you in the class?

Me : That cigars? It was awesome man! It taste like hell, but its really doesn't matter. As long as it makes me looks cool. And macho.

Fuad : Hell yes! Thats my man! It might taste like shit for first timer but sooner you'll feel like you're in heaven. And yeah thats undeniable, it did really makes us look all cool and macho. Besides, thats the one that makes a man.

Me : Yup, I remembered our philosophy. "A man is a boy with a cigar."

Fuad : Right! 

By the time the anon stroke our soldiers and blast them off.

Fuad : Hey! That anon killed our comrades already! What the hell!

Me : Yea! Lets kill him rightaway!

Anon : You might kill me once, but I'm assuring that you'll die twice.

Me : And why the hell is I'm gonna die twice? I got only one profile here YOU TWAT!

Anon : First I'll kill you here, then you'll be killed at home.

Me : What? Now why am I gonna die at home??

Anon : I'll tell you why. First, for smoking cigarettes. Second, for misusing the money to buy cigars, from a jerky friend..

Fuad : Heyy!!!

Anon : .. and third, for calling YOUR FATHER A TWAT.


-me and fuad is now offline-

*don't mess with anonymous. It could be anyone.
*parents are tricky. Don't mess with them either. 
*smoking doesn't makes you look macho nor cool. It gave you cancer.
*there are no soldiers or comrades involved in Plant vs Zombies.
*this wasn't about me. I ain't a smoker, and I don't do those things =.="


4a4crew said...

Haha. I was dumbfounded too when reading the line "blast the soldiers off". What soldier they got in Plant vs Zombies? In vase? Haha. You got me dude! This is funny

everything you define me said...

Haha yes. N you would't expect your father are playing online games as well as you are. Worse, it was Plant vs Zombies. Oh Lord =.="

Parents are tricky :D

syara depp~ said...

hahahahahha! me, burst to laugh :p