Sunday, June 19, 2011

Suicidal : Are You People Going Nuts?

A few months ago I was having my lunch at the cafe of UIAM Nilai when a security guard came and told that a student attempted to commit suicide on the previous night. He slashed his wrist with a knife and threatened to jump from the third floor of the building. 

Security Guard : Last night was a chaos. Everyone got panicked when a boy suddenly got on the ledge. His wrist was bleeding. He threatened that he will jump.

People at the stall : Really? That's something we can't see everyday, didn't it? Haha. Anyway, did he really jumped? 

Security Guard : (Chuckled) Indeed. Haha. Well, he didn't. He was saved, and quickly rushed to the hospital.   What a close call.

People at the stall : That might be a close call, but I don't have a sense of sympathy for a lad like that. He didn't deserve it. What a fool. Didn't he know what are waiting for him in the afterlife if he did suicide last night? Everybody's doing everything they can to sustain a good health, but he purposely looking for death? 

Security Guard : Yeah, thats nothing but obvious stupidity. It is awful to know that an educated people like him would choose to commit such things. Well I might be just a security guard here, but it has never crossed my mind to do so, even though how hard my life has came to be. Well, maybe it is not too much to say that as for today, uneducated people are wiser than the educated ones. 

People at the stall : Yeah well, the world's turning upside down now.

Security Guard : Exactly. Well, you know, when most people got panicked, cried and chaotic as the boy stood on that third floor's ledge and threatened to jump, I must be the only one to say, " Do a backflip!" Hahaha.


Well then, I'm agree with both of them. They're right, those people who commit suicide or attempted to do it don't deserve any mercy nor sympathy. What, do they think life has no value at all? We live for no reason, and so do how we can choose to die? Haha. Great. 

They might be greatly unstable, emotionally interrupted or whatsoever, but there are solutions for all of that. No need to be over outraged and slit your own throat. That won't solve any of your problem, in fact it would only exacerbate it. Don't be a fool okay, value your life to the fullest.

"Islam is the solution" :)