Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are You Cool?

Everyone must have their own distinctive way on how they define the term "cool" in themselves, right? On the first place, this isn't the one that has something to do with degree Celsius okay. Naive :D

I found it is sometimes conspicuous on how myself deal with cool people. I'll be by any chance try to get acquainted with them. If you found me sometimes be nice to you in a very awkward time, like you don't know me but suddenly bumped into me and I slightly treated you so freaking nice as you have been knowing me for years, you must be one of them too! Huhu!

These kind of persons are seems to be so cool to me! Are you in? :D

1. People who read/ followed my blog but didn't leave any trace, like in the Chatbox or commented on the posts.     
For some strange reasons I don't know why I think they're so cool. I'll be contemplating to search these peoples and try to befriend with them then. Sounds odd, right? But I do think they're cool, you know, they did visit my blog and read it, but they left no links nor comments for me to visit them too, its like, they didn't really mind whether their visits are replied by another visit by me, or even known or not. They're like, so cool! Hehe. Look how weird I am. BUMMER. 

2. People who contributed a worthy idea in a very short comment. 
These people, to me, know exactly how to express a good idea without miles of explanation. They got a very bright idea, and just by leaving a short comment, left me ponder to think how true it was. That was a very cool comment, by a very cool people :)

3. People who wrote a very brilliant quote in his/her status update on Facebook. It could be amusing too.
I love to read quotes, most specially like a brainy quote that reading it is worthwhile, and funny jokes that could make me laugh, thinking how silly it was. The best status update I've read ever on Facebook is:

"Everyone can quit smoking, but it takes a real man to face cancer."

Haha. Amusing, and it made me think too. Well, this must be quoted from a very wise, heavy smoker. What a perfect reason to count on for not quitting smoking cigarettes. Damn it was so cool. 

And you know who wrote this as his status update? Me! Hahaha. Damn I was very cool! Hehe. But I ain't a smoker kayh! :)

4. Everyone who preferred to be single.
Yup, being single is cool! Its not like he's/she's such a loner, just they preferred it is way better to stay single. And they did everything on their own, a very independent and need not to cling to anyone to settle their own business. Its like, they can survive on their own. These guys are some kind of cool to me too :D

So literally everyone who has couple is never in my 'cool buddy' list at all. Hehe.

5. Every blog that delivers bright ideas.
I don't care who are the author, where he came from, in what language he wrote his posts or whatsoever that might sound like "judging a book from its cover", as long as his ideas aren't too preposterous to retrieve and he's not writing craps and junks, he's always on the list. Anyway, even if I want it too, I can't. He's obviously not a book for me to judge his cover. Burned. Okay, thats a crap.

6. Authors for English blogs in which he/she really have a remarkable flair in English.
Great, isn't it? I really love to read English articles, essays and poems written by amateurs in blogs. Its just very much genuine ideas and real creative. Here's a cool blog I really admires for its awesome literary, poetic posts. Plus the author really got tonnes of vocabs! Superb!

7. People who prefer to remain silent unless it is necessary for him to speak. 
He's cool coz his action speaks louder than words. Even in a situation in which people accused him, or he's being blamed for something he didn't commit, he stay cool and rather not to speak confrontational words to back himself up. He kept his temper smothered from everyone despite of the pressure he faced. But when he speak, that'll be a roar of a lion, and everyone shall listen to him. He got a respect for his voice. Amazing isn't it? Well, it sounds just like my father. :)

8. Unsung heroes.
Hell yes, this are real cool guys! Patriots, most particularly nationalism fighters who stands for the country when everyone yield away, sacrificed himself fighting alone till he fall down. I don't know who are they, but  believe there must be some national fighters who we didn't actually even realized they existed. And their deaths are unknown too, proving that they're not fighting, sacrificing, and dying for names and fame.. Yea, patriots were cool :)

9. Me.
Hahahahahahahahaha.. I'm cool, aren't I? The only time I don't feel cool was when I got hit by dengue fever. My body temperature was reaching 40 degree celcius, and that weren't cool at all! Hahaha. Okay, crap again! =.="

(and now it is suddenly about degree celcius! Ok, my bad. =.=")

Well I guess thats all. Amongst all those cool people I stated above, can you spot what they all have in common? Well?

What they got in common is, all of them got nothing in common! Hahaha! Got yaa.

Okay, knock it off. I think I'm starting to talk craps now. Huhu. 



Afiq Fadhli said...


kalu ak komen sini, mknye ak dop cool r ea? hehe. jk.

everything you define me said...

Yup! Haha. But u're cool for the reasons of no. 2 and no. 5, I guess!


Suhaiza said...

I did no 3 and 4. And I wanna be no 6,7 and 8...

yang lain-lain masih kabur...haha :) Anyway, kau punya blog pun COOL jugak bro :)

Anonymous said...

tak cukup la reaksi kat bawah tu,nak tambah lagi satu..'not bad'

everything you define me said...

Suhaiza : Hehe. Actually you did the no. 1, you should know that :

Thats why I searched up for your blog and kept reading the updates since then. When you hit my blog and followed it for the 1st time you left no footprints. I just found you from the followers profile :) You're cool okay! :D

everything you define me said...

QN : Another cool commentator :)