Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Floppy Disks and Today

PKP, USIM. 0945.

Zulfadhly : Excuse me, can I have 2 floppy disks please?

Mr. Wong : I'm sorry??

Zulfadhly : Erm, I would like to buy 2 floppy disks for my ICT assignment. Do you have some, sir?

Mr. Wong : ( Tounge-tied, seems like he didn't believe what I'm just saying)

Mr. Wong : Err, what for?

Zulfadhly : To save my ICT assignments in, sir.

Mr. Wong : I don't think floppy disks are still in stores today. Erm..

Zulfadhly : Its okay if you don't have it. Do you know where else can I find it?

Mr.Wong : ...


BUMMER.  =.=


Safwan said...

he lied!

i just bought 30pieces of it!

near INTI College laa

everything you define me said...

it is just an analogy la safwan, just to show how floppy disks are just one of the lame asses in today's use.haha.

even new PC's today aren't equipped with floppy disks' hub anymore.

and i still don't get it why floppy disks are still used in most assignments today when we have thumbdrives which obviously works better than it.

LOL. haha

Aku_Insan said...


LiLohOnEy said...


klaka gila.

esok2 maybe blh jd mcmtu kn?

xmustahil :p

lily da bunny said...

hahahahhahahaha...dis is sooo lawak!!

new entry..