Monday, February 28, 2011

Debate Vice Canselor Cup USIM : Day 1 and Day 2

Yesterday was totally an exhausting day for me; in fact nothing better than the day before it. But the last 2 days were such a big day for me, because the VC Cup in USIM for debating were actually on the run. 

Here are what our English debating team had been facing since the last two days. Breaking our back just to win.

26 / 2 / 2011, 09:45 a.m. FSU, First Round

We were allocated to be against FPQS B (Faculty of Quran and Assunnah) in the first ever match. Wow, being against seniors was one thing, but debating over Faculty of Quran and Assunnah students were totally another thing. Winning seems to be out of our range. Impossibility. 

And the motion given is,

"The House Believes That We Should Stop Sending Our Athletes Overseas"

Impossibility, again.

But, we were actually over-estimated them, and eventually underestimated ourselves. We've given our best shot against them. And we unexpectedly won with kinda big gap; 11 on the margins! And I was selected to be the best speaker in that round. The judicator must be kidding!

Alhamdulillah. First ever winnings!

12:00 p.m., FSU, 2nd round

We were tossed, and allocated to oppose another FPQS team; FPQS B Team. Again, against seniors but we were now start to believe in turning impossibility into possibility. Probably fueled by the previous winning. Perhaps, yeah.

And the motion was,

"This House Would Demolish All Paid TV Channels"

This time, we were kinda confident with ourselves. Our self-esteem obviously helped a lot. And yes, we won again, with my team mate, Afifi to be the best speaker. Alhamdulillah. 

2.30 p.m., FSU. 3rd Round

Last round for the day. Quite tiring, but we still have to get through this. ( I didn't know debating was this exhausting, really) And we were tossed to oppose the brainy Medic Faculty students; FPSK A. 

We were nailed!

This time, the motion was;

"This House Believes Baby Dumpers Should Be Sentenced To Death Penalty"

This actually had brought some hopes, coz we were quite prepared for this motion. However FPSK was fierceful, and quite thoughtful. They're not anticipated to be this good! They gave kinda good points and often "facepalmed" us in our own points. They did such a very good rebuttals. 

But we were saved when the judicator realised that there was ONE point that they've taken so lightly that we've been earlier mentioned. And for that reason, we won again! 

God mercy us! Alhamdulillah! That night we have a tight preparation to face the next day. For sure, tomorrow'll gonna be a real tough day.

27/2/2011, 09:00 a.m., FSU, 4th Round

I didn't feel good today. Coz you know what, we were nominated to be against the biggest rival in this tournament; of course FSU A (Faculty of Syariah and Law), which means that they'll be using all the acts and laws they know as Law students. In fact, they looked exactly like a team of lawyers, with the case and coat they were in.

And as the Science Tech students, what do we have? Nothing comparable. They were far a better team obviously.

The motion we got this time was;

"The House Believes That Imam Muda TV Programme Degrades The Religion"

Oh God, we feel doomed already. That's kind of tough motion. Winning is a miracle. Totally.

As expected, we lose to them. But its okay, coz we were prepared to lose to them. Plus I personally think it would be unfair if the judges think us to win against them. FSU's were obviously dominated the game. 

How we were going to win debating with a team of lawyers when we are only a Science Tech students? You can make a joke out of that!

11:00 a.m., FSU, 5th Round

This was the last match of the day; indicating as it was the elimination stage. In the end of the day we shall know which team shall be qualified to quarter final next week. And for that, we couldn't afford to lose this last match.

But you know what, we were tossed to be against our own friends from PT A (which all are Tamhidi students just like us). This was worse than facing FSU, coz we, no matter what, must've to face our own friends! Urgh,  must do the best!

And the motion was;

"This House Would Abolish Duty On Imported Cars"

Ahh, this would be risky! Coz both teams, KKNC and PT A, knew the same exact points! We've disscussed together last night, FYI. And how we're gonna go rouge, and turn against each other within the same points? 

Then we had a really good debate. Both teams were equally fierce and combative. But unexpectedly, we lose to them with just ONE margin! What a close call! 

And then as we waited for the announcements for which teams were going to proceed to the quarter final next week, based from the team rankings, we were all got into our own nerves. Of course nobody wnted to get eliminated. That'll just gonna be a great loss we've came this far up.

Minutes later, we were announced and the result was..

We've made our ways to quarter final! Most importantly all of our Tamhidian teams; KKNC, PT A and PT B, all successfully proceed to quarter final! Alhamdulillah..

Congratulations to all!

Few snaps :)

Meet us in quarter final next week ya :)

*Sorry for grammatical errors, which are obviously a lot. :P

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