Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time To Study!

KKNC, 0930

Chemistry Test on Hydrocarbon and Aromatic Compound is in two days time. Debate's over and now its time focus on my study. Today I'll be going nowhere else and finish these whole chapters. I promise.


Its still early in the morning. Let me finish these Zombies first and then I'll study. Plant Vs Zombies is addictive! 10.30 a.m. is the best time to start my revision. Yes.


Argh. Its so hard to win this round. I can't study without finishing these things first. Just a few minutes more and I'll be done on this. Then I'll study.


Oh my God its twelve o'clock already, and this zombies are  still here! Damn! Why don't you just die? Now I can't study! Die zombies die! I'll make sure you all dead soon for losing my study time! 


Finally I won the game, and the highest marks! Compliments from my friend are irresistible! I'm the undisputed legend of Plant vs Zombies. Haha. Now I'm hungry already. Lets have some lunch first. Study time is now fixed! It'll be on 02.30 p.m. sharp. Promise.


Looking at the cover page of Chemistry Text Book. How boring. And I'm kinda sleepy too study in this hours. Yeah, I know its hard. Well its okay. I still have the night to study this book. Right now I'll sleep first. Yes, relax. Everything would be just fine.

Procrastinators never stop, do they?

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