Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hypocrites? Who?

One of my worst high school friend once told me this;

"Having a blog is seriously hypocrite. You say something just to please others, post something that's not yours, write anything that's never potrays your true colour, and do anything just to keep more followers. 
You're all rubbish!"

Okay okay, I lied. That last statement wasn't him.

But people, nothing personal, but frankly what do you think about it? 

Me? Of course I wouldn't agree with that crap! Its not because I own a blog, or I really am being hypocrite, or I just hate him (although it is). I just don't agree on the way he define "hypocricy" itself. 

Let me tell you what's the true meaning of being hypocrite.

UIAM, Public Speaking Contest.

Mr. Vice Chancellor
: Thank you UIAM for inviting me to judge those new bright stars. I have to say that I totally admires and greatly amazed by all the performances that had been performed by all of the contestant previously. Their talent in delivering speech was so wonderful, very outspoken, fluent and very very inspiring. I personally think that was totally the greatest speech that I ever seen in my life from this kind of public speaking competition. This is the only university that I think have the best potential in public speaking rather than any other universities in the whole Malaysia. Congratulations!

2 months before..

USIM, Public Speaking Contest

Mr. The Very Same Vice Chancellor: Thank you USIM for inviting me again. Now I have to say that these talents are the very best and really amazed me. Those speakers are totally outspoken, fluent and their speech are really inspiring. Personally I really think that those speakers had delivered the greatest speeches I ever heard or seen in my life in public speaking. This university is the very best in this field. Give them a standing ovation everyone!

These are the real hypocrites!

And now who's rubbish?

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