Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nerds and Genius

Hey dude.. Would you mind if I ask you one simple question? Then here it is..

>What is the difference between a nerd and a genius?

Not a critical question to be argumentative to, right? So feel free to figure it out, because actually its already in the question itself; one is nerd, one is genius ( which literally means not a sort of nerdy). Both are brainy, but the sole thing that pull them apart is "how". How do they get smart? Well, nerds prefer to marry the books all the time, while genius, heh, they'll find something else that might not work to others but themselves. Obviously they are more carefree to dwell in their very own ways of learning; and not what they're told to, or oblige to. No, not the that typical students we see everyday, (coz we've already have nerds for that =)) And the genius, they're all opposites of them. Well, they're kinda sort of unique, isn't it?

Well, we gotta call the nerds, "the 90 degree one". Puzzled? Perhaps 'being too straight and naive' shall do it. Believe me, they'll memorize the whole book if they were told to. And that means the whole book; not excluding the cover page, the introduction page, and the pages itself. That's it.

So perhaps there comes the phrase, "Nerds go to classes, genius go to clubs". (Credits to Leya)

Folks, have you ever watched the '3 Idiots'? You know, the "Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chancad"? "Farhanitrate Prerajulisation"? No clue? Huh, fine, never mind. But believe me its really worth more for you to watch it all over. Quite captivating and extremely hilarious. The film never gets boring, and I guaranteed you will burst out of laughing along the 2 and a half hour movie. But despite of all the ridiculuos sense of humors, it is actually an absolute story of values and lessons. It is a story of friendship, campus life, love, rebels, hypocrites, criticism, individualism, fairness, and vigilantes; more the enough to make you stick to the screen for hours! And its where I've learnt all about the so-told "the nerds and genius" thing. Yeah, no doubt. That'll the story is about afterall.

You should watch it, dude!

Bon Voyage

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