Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Not That Stupid

For those who are facebookaholic out there, have you ever bumped into a profile named Ipin Mamat? If it sounds familiar, then you know what the profile is all about. For those who have totally no idea about this guy, let me tell you a bit about him. I don't know what I was thinking, but by his pictures and infos, I think he is the so-called Ayah Pin, the famous heresiarch. But I'm not really sure coz it could be anyone, maybe just someone who impersonated him for fun.

But whoever he is, there's no doubt to say that he had just crossed the line for being so horrendous in his wall posts. He kept writing insults and fakes about Islam and our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. by his posts and notes. Obviously all his abusive and irritating writings was just made to provoke us the Muslims and try to ridicule us in the facebook. And I'm saying that for nothing, coz everytime a Muslim got in to fight his words, there would be some other Kuffar went in and back up the guy so badly. They then spoke wrote harsh and abusive words to insult the Muslim till the he went off the dishonor discussion.

At first I was quite irritated by the outrageous guy, but finally I added him in facebook intending to back up the Muslim and fight the guy. From that time I've always wrote comments to deny his wall posts and notes, but I ended up just the same as the other Muslim; get insulted and ridiculed by other Kuffars who are on Ipin Mamat's side. I tried to calm myself down and not to get mad over their mocks but in sometimes my patience wears out till I had to wrote some confrontational words to them too, just to fight them and defend my pride as a Muslim.

It was so annoying to be argumentative with them coz they never stop confronting me. But I then Realized that I shouldn't be like them, I shouldn't mock and say harsh words to them coz it will be a bad example for me to show to them on how our faith and religion had never taught us to be horrendous like them. So I replied to them in a better words so that they'll see the beauty of our religion, of Islam.

There was a moment when I looked up in the chat lists and found Ipin Mamat was online on that time. At first I was in doubt and hesitated to chat with him, but my curiosity had drove me out of my guppy guts and so I did greet him and try to chat with him. I want to know who is this guy and is him the real Ayah Pin or just not. And suddenly, he replied and we chatted. Here are some of our online conversations :

Me: Hey, where on the world are you now?

Ipin: Sky..(probably referring to his kerajaan langit)

Me: Wow.. haha.. Ipin, may I ask you something?

Ipin: Go on.

Me: I know you're not a Muslim anymore. Then what are you now?

Ipin: I'm prone to be Jewish coz Jews are the actual true religion of the world. Islam is fake,    faked by Muhammad.

Ipin : (he then talked about his newly wed wife) You know what, my new wife was gorgeous. Really is.

Me: Well, I saw you wrote on your wall that you are an atheist. So how do get you married? I mean, what religion are you applying to get marry?

Ipin : Buddha.

Me : Haha.. Previously you said you're a Jews, and now a Buddhist? So what the hell are you really? Or you just take one of them and mix them with another? Haha what a life you're having, so pathetic..

Ipin : Sometimes God appears in me.

Me: I would like to ask you one simple question. Can you tell the difference between a what is diamond and what is not? Can youjust distinguish them?

Ipin: Whatever.

Me: Then yes? But how pathetic that you can't tell the difference between an angel and a demon. Haha. The "God" you said to be appeared in you is the demon you fool. Don't be silly. And it seemed to be that he's ruling you now, I have a sense of sympathy for that, you know. How you've gone this far ruled by the demon who obviously just want to get you out of the true way of life;Islam. How pathetic.

Ipin : Hey, will you be one of my followers?

Me : Hahahahaha.. Look, you're making a joke again.. Thats funny..

Ipin : Listen, I'll give you USD 3000 if you do. And thats equal tothe salary of a missionary.

Me: I'm not that stupid. You and your USD 3000 will be ashes in hell for this.

Ipin : Thats because you're fool. Total idiot!

Then I signed out and left him. Could you believe what I've faced just now? Yes, and yes, this is why I really think this guy is the real Ayah Pin. But don't bother to search for this profile now, coz it is now gone. Thanks for those who reports, thanks.

Thats all for now. Salam.