Saturday, September 11, 2010

'Burn A Koran Day' Is Totally Outrageous

Salam Eidul Fitri, brothers and sisters..

Sorry but I'm gonna disrupt your Eidul Fitri mirth with such an offensive post of the most outrageous plan by the damned kuffar ; the plan to host 'Burn A Koran Day' campaign on the incoming 11/9/2010. Nothing personal, but to be frank, the first time I've heard about this ungodly thing was the first time I came to feel that some Christians had never stop holding grudge towards Muslims ever since the Crusade War (which they've lost), even its way thousands of years away. Well, perhaps their long and old histories had never make any sense on them and taught them a lesson, in which I think the most crucial lesson for them; not to mess with Muslims or else you will become history. Maybe they would never be. Or maybe there should be another history for them to learn something, ever again. Probably someday, I think.

Back to our discussion, it was reported by CNN that the wicked campaign was triggered by the priest in Dove World Outreach Centre, Pastor Terry Jones.

The pastor, author of the book "Islam is of the Devil," is using the burning to urge American Christians to "stand up" to what he describes as a monolithic Muslim threat. A Facebook page for the event has accrued thousands of "likes" and Jones has said people have been mailing him Qurans to burn.

Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Centre

Isn't it obvious, folks? Yes, they're messing with Muslims, with us! They never changed and still the same Crusaders our ancestors had fought thousands of years ago. They still hate Islam as much as their heart can breed and looked all the way to crush us or at least, make us crushed inside. What do I mean by that? Of course this damn thing, the 'Burn A Koran A Day' campaign which they run just to raise our anger. And when we're inflamed, there will be public outcries and demonstrations, which most likely to last with chaos and riots in their cities. When this happens, the media shall play their devilish role and state that ' Muslims are terrorists', 'Islam is violent', ' Muslims are the rebels' and whatsoever media statements to bluff the world on how terror the Muslims are. These are their agenda, my friend. They wanted put a scratch on our honor and make us look bad from the eyes of the world. They want us to be the one to be blamed for all the violence happens on earth, and the people around the world who are not there to witness the truth will say 'yes, it is the Muslims who did it all', not knowing that all the stories and news they read was long planned on the first place. The histories had proven it.

And yet that's why right now, Muslims are always feared for what they're not. When there are Muslims or people who just dress like a Muslim, people will view them negatively. These might not happen here in Malaysia, but it is the reality of our brothers and sisters who lived in the Wests and Europe. In United States of America, there is a phrase of the dread, hatred feeling towards Islam and discrimination to Muslims, called Islamophobia. Believe me, Muslims there had a real hard life in facing the society. By Islamophobia, Muslims there have no rights in and always been excluded from the economic, social and public life. They're always be discriminated and treated as lower class of the society. They are judged for what they are not.

Even here, in our so-called Islamic country of Malaysia, we are sometimes discriminated for being Muslim. I didn't say all, but there are some workplaces which had a rule that it is must for the workers to abandon their hijab for our women. For our men who works as security guard, they are prohibited to leave their posts even just to do Juma'at prayer. You know what, to a Islamic country, this is nonsense. Literally, it is ridiculuos to live in an Islamic land but cannot apply the Islamic practices. Even in my campus, an Islamic university, I've once saw the guard was still there at the post although he should have to be at the the mosque on that time for Juma'at prayer. Well, what to say?

If once ago the Muslims around the world was alarmed by the drawing our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. caricature, the making of an outraging and controversial film Fitna by a Dutch politician Geert Wilders, we're now facing another attempt from the people like them, Pastor Terry Jones. But over all of these temptations they've made all this while, I still don't understand what putting them so much in hates and vengeance towards Muslims. I mean, Muslims never did the same, right? We had never make fun of them, of their beliefs, although it is against ours'. We had never make a film on their religion, on how wrong and how fake it is. We had never plan to burn their Bible to mark the attack over Iraq and Afghanistan, no, we never did that all, even we can.

And for those who wants to see, open your eyes and broaden your views on Islam because this proved that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony.


~ said...

I'm glad the event was canceled.

everything you define me said...

really?thats not what i've heard.
there was a report i found on the internet said that "the burning wasn't canceled, just being postponed to another allocated date", which wasn't mentioned yet.

Lets us pray Allah will save the holy Al-Quran from the Kuffar damned hands. Allahuakbar..

Anonymous said...

post y menarik..!!

pasal event tu tak pasti lah cancel ke postpone, tapi pada 11.9 masih ada y bakar kitab suci kite.. T.T