Tuesday, August 24, 2010


No.. Not now.. I'm still stuck in here..Still chained by those books, locked by those annoying exams..  But I will be going in the next 2 weeks, and the next 2 weeks isn't now.. So unluckily I still have to live my life here till the next 2 Fridays..

Oh no, the time is going in a slow mode.. Not again.. Uhh..

You know, I'm not freakingly insane, but to be frank since the last weekend I'm no longer here. No, not with my soul. My mind is already at home, leaving the body here with nothing to do. I can't even focus to my studies, not even for the incoming exams. And actually this isn't the first time, it happens everytime I'm getting home..

But don't get ridiculed coz I think I'm just get jolted by the shock of the new atmosphere I'm living in right now; being far away from home. This is my first, I mean, my very first time to leave the house for quite a range of time, so perhaps I'm just, you know, shocked or whatsoever. Maybe later and sooner, I'll be fine. No more kinda thing. Hmm well, lets hope so..

By the way, FYI my mid sem exams really sucks and I hope you know how frustrating it was. It was like saying ," hey somebody please blow my head!", and to have the result, well I might have to gunshot myself, by myself. And, why? What, please don't ask why! Coz I know that everybody knows that the worst part in exams is to face the result. Yeah, I'm kinda scared , I really am..

* can't wait to be home xP

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