Monday, June 27, 2011

Bersih 2.0 : What Do You Think?

This is my honest opinion pertaining to this matter.

Frankly in politics I'm not taking sides. I prefer to not to stick to any parties, but whoever did right shall get my vote. I'll judge both sides first whenever I think is necessary for me to, in any matter. I'm neutral.

But I do have my own opinion on something, in which means I might be taking sides too, but I'm not going to stick with it.

What Is Bersih 2.0 Is All About?

Okay, shortly it is a gathering or public demonstration in which supported by Pakatan Rakyat (coalition of three largest opposition parties in Malaysia) in which they advocates for electoral reforms in Malaysia, and has been advocating this since the last Bersih gathering in November 2007. It is scheduled to be held again on this upcoming 9th of July 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. They are demanding SPR of Malaysia (the Election Commission of Malaysia) this :

1. Clean up the electoral roll.
2. Reform postal voting.
3. Use indelible ink.
4. 21-day campaign period as a minimum period.
5. Allow all parties free access to the medias.
6. Put an end to dirty politics.

I tried to grasp every each of the demands, I asked few persons and brainstormed them all and I found that all they want by requesting all this demands to EC is just, an equally fair election. Fair enough without any kind of abuse, or any chance of votes to get on some kind of falsification, or electoral manipulation by the government. Thats all.

Okay, we take the second demand as an example. The request is to abolish the postal vote with exceptional to diplomats and overseas voters. Why they're including this in the memorandum? Well all I can say is postal voting is vulnerable to get abused. This is due to report in 1999 where an ex officer in ATM (Malaysian Army) confessed that he had violated thousands of votes for the soldiers, by crossing them by himself as ordered.

Okay, why Harakah? Why other newspaper didn't have any of these reports? Well thats how the system works. You won't write a report that will reveal your true color, don't you?

Oh, you have to know most of the newspaper out there is owned by the government. We have no doubt about this, it is obvious that the government side is dominating the whole media. They own the TV broadcasts, they own the radio channels, and they own the whole lot of newspapers you found out there. So is this fair? A kid can tell how unfair is, and this lead to demand number 5; Allow all parties free access to the medias. This is why they want to have equal access to the media, so it will be an equally fair match.

What do you think then? Your call.

So what is the problem? Why is people against this if there's nothing wrong with the demands? They said demonstration isn't a right way to voice out. "You better write to goverment and they'll consider.." Haha. Is it? I don't think so. Yeah writing to government is the right way to voice out, but we want to be heard. All this while I saw the demands, request or everything that is not "physically" heard or seen, or not by actions are all thrashes. Everything fall on deaf ears. Nothing is considered. So whats the point?

They said the chairperson Dato Ambiga Sreenevasen shouldn't be acceptable by the Malay for her role in the case of IFC (Interfaith Commission) and the apostasy case of Lina Joy. But I think it is better we look to what the thing is going to lead us to, not who is going to lead us to. To the better? If she's going to run something right and for the better, so whats the problem? My friend said :

I chose to agree with him. Coz I saw this thing has nothing to do with what she was doing in 2001, dealing with IFC etc. Yes I agreed and we all know the ungodly things; her role in IFC and Lina Joy case, and we all agreed it couldn't be accepted. But none of the demands itself are dealing with religious or racial matters. It is just all about electoral reformation, and it is indeed to the better coz they want to straighten up things. They just want justice in elections, and thats all this was all about. Is it wrong?

Well, I'm still neutral but I must have a stand, so that is just my opinion regarding this. I saw nothing is actually wrong about this, and I think the are no reasons why we can't have to run this program when the only purpose is for search of justice. What do you think then?


4a4crew said...

Hm, right. But what about the tourism? Don't you think it would only tarnish the good name of Malaysia to the tourist? Don't you think they'll get afraid to visit Malaysia, looking to the chaos and riots during it?

Mr Thinker said...

I beg to differ.

1st, the rally only last for as long as just an hour or two. Talking about the effect on tourism is absurd for an event that short.

2nd, it is only a gathering/public demostration . There are no chaos or riots whatsoever UNTIL FRU came on board. Bersih 2007 proved it.

Agreed with the author.

Anonymous said...

Yaa yaa, right..

I don't understand why we need more things like this in Malaysia. We have harmony in Malaysia all this while, the government is ruling with justice and no corruptions. What is with you all?

everything you define me said...

4a4crew : I don't think its the tourists who we should be worrying about when there are more serious things for us to consider on. Justice worth more than all of that.If you're saying so then there's nothing can be done. Tourism effect will last, (if it is really happened), but dissatisfaction and denials in society pertaining to this matter don't last without actions.

everything you define me said...

Mr Thinker : You exactly got my points right. Everything is so fine, but FRU get everything messed up. Only then riots or chaos came to happen.

everything you define me said...

Anon : Hold on. Harmony? What are you talking about? Where do the harmony lies when both parties were in great denials? Nobody from the opposition agreed with the system but the government keep being ignorant. Where's justice? Where's democracy? Don't talk about 'harmony' when democracy is only a lie.

No corruptions? pal, you shouldn't read and listen from one side only. if you do of course you'll never see the "other side" of your party. You will only see perfection they lulled you. Try read both side's media and judge. You'll find our gov is massively corrupted. Don't believe me? Try this

It do says otherwise.

kapcai_kemek said...

well brothers...
u must know this rally also will be held in Australia..haha
i have lived in KL for so long, a lot of rallies done by foreigners near their embassy area...
don't judge this is wrong..this the way of democracy
on that day people will afraid to
the police not the rally..

Malaysia will lost rm6 blion???wtf

everything you define me said...

Mat nek : Yea things like this, other countries did have too. Maybe this is the new way of how democracy works; gov get corrupted and became totalitarian, and the only way the opposition can do to get attention and to be heard is via demonstrations like this. Hmmm.. What has the world came to be..

.siput!.siput!. said...

the govt is trying to stop the Bersih demo from happening this july9 but what are they doin right now?the BN pemuda is busy calling for the youth or peaople to join them in the PATRIOT demo by wearing the red shirt and guess what! there will be a white shirt party also!they are from the NGOs all over the malaysia and they will enthusiastically take a stand against the Bersih demo!we can see that eventhough the govt said tht demonstration will only tarnishing our country image and chasing out the tourist but what are they doin right now? are they goin to stop a demonstration with a demonstration? macam ludah jilat air liur sndri!in july 9 KL will be the second thailand!
*highlight the last line! ^^

everything you define me said...

Yeah, I just being informed about that. What a loony govt. And Pemuda UMNO, are they're joking or just intentionally make themselves look that silly? What they're doing is a total violation of their own damn stand about demonstration. Horribly embarrassing.

Red shirt against Yellow shirt? Well man, you're right, KL's looking to be more 'Thailand' than ever. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Maaf kerana saya menulis dengan mengunakan bahasa melayasia utk membuat komen yg diatas. Saya tak berpihak pada mana2,setelah saya teliti dan memikirkan dgn minda yg terhad yg dikurnia kan,saya rasa cara yg berisih yg akan lakukan dgn cara berarak beramai ramai utk mendapatkan apa yg dinamakan keadilan,bersih dll. Saya rasa itu bukan caranya,atau mungkin kumpulan bersih atau penaung kumpulan bersih ingin mendapat simpati dari rakyat dgn menyatakan itu dan ini. Kita rakyat yg telah diberi pendidikan dari awal lagi. Dari itu gunakankan lah minda kita dgn sebaik2nya. Jangan lah jadi seperti lembu cucuk hidung. Orang lain senang bercakap,tapi utk melaksanakan suruh rakyat yg tak tahu matlamat yg sebenar. Saya harap rakyat berfikir sedalam2nya sebelum buat satu2 keputusan. Ambil suara ramai,macam kita berugama islam. Kita ada empat mazahab. Jadi kita mazahab yg mana satu? Akhirnya juga satu matlamat dan satu ugama juga kan? Yang kita mahukan satu matlamat bukan penghiyanat. Jadi fikir lah teman dan sahabat,ada banyak cara utk menyelesaikan masaalah didunia ini. Insyaalah

Wayne said...

We don't have any other options to be heard don't we?

Okay camni lah, sy pun x setuju dgn cara berarak ni tapi apa lagi yg boleh kita buat? Write to govt? Come on! We've been writing for YEARS for God sake.. Do we perceive anything changed? No!

You've to know the govt is already corrupted. Rasuah berleluasa, politik kotor, pastu yg pilihanraya tu, kalau diorang x buat salah kenapa mesti diorang takut? Kenapa mesti takut bila Bersih nak tuntut plihanraya yg adil? You can tell right? Inikah kerajaan yg kita nak?

berkaitan dengan khianat, kita mmg wajib taat kpd ulul amri SELAGIMANA diorang mengikut syariah Islam. Mana Islamiknya pemerintahan kita skrg? Kilang arak merata2, premis judi semua tu diberi lesen lagi utk beroperasi.. inikah kerajaan Islam yg anda mahu?

Sesungguhnya Bersih 2.o Rally ni x bertujuan nk mnimbulakan kekecohan pun. Tapi knapa jadi jugak? Tu tugas polis lah. Anda mungkin cakap, "dah itu mmg tugas dia nk jaga keamanan, come on, this rally come in peace BEFORE police intervention.

Mungkin ada cakap, habis tu dah memang org warning awal2 dah xleh datang perhimpunan ni, perhimpunan ni perhimpuanan haram, let me tell u sth, tak ada dlm perlembagaan kita x bg kita berhimpun tau. In fact sy baca kita dibenarkan berhimpun secara aman, as we already did, until police and FRU came on board and messed up everything.

Cuba awak fikir, awak ingat diorang suka2 ke nk berhimpun ramai2 camtu? sedangkan semua ada kerja, ada family nk kenapa diorang turun jgk ramai2? Nothing but for only ONE REASON; JUSTICE. Rakyat nak mintak keadilan pun susah ke? sampai mati seorang kne blast dgn water cannon n tear gas, sampai perlu polis tgkap 1600 lebih org, sampai perlu polis bantai org n treat mereka as terrorist.

Kalau awak masih nak setia dgn kerajaan yg korup mcm ni, terpulanglah, tapi kami tak sanggup. Kami ada tanggungjawab pada negara, kami punya hak utk diperjuangkan.