Thursday, February 24, 2011

Debate : Fluently Outspoken

Being outspoken is superb if you were to be a debater. I gotta say that I'm not a good debater, coz I'm not in too much sort of a critical minded person, I can't speak fast and fluent, and worst I sometimes cannot remember some absolute words in emphasizing my stand, even when debating. I would like to get rid of all of these weakness but I don't know how :(

This girl amazed me. I admired her talent, really do.

I wondered when on the world am I ever gonna be in her level :(


Anonymous said...

Kriti is fucking annoying. Look at her face.

everything you define me said...

Hell yeah. Totally irritating. Anyway, would you believe that Siti Nur Diyanah is actually lost in that debate?

I'm still curious on how on the world is that came to happen. She worth a victory over Kriti. Or maybe more.

Afiq Fadhli said...

Mybe teammates Diyanah yg 2orang agi tu perform xsebagus Diyanah.

Anyway, ak mmg kagum ngan dia ni. :)