Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm so not an English debater!!

For the first time in a lifetime, there's a reliable Internet connection here at my hostel. Yeah the connection is damn that poor, yet its still better than nothing isn't it? Plus its free. :)

But there's something else bigger than that came to happen here. After I returned to my campus and got my mid semester examination results, my English paper shocked me out. For the first time here, I got 9.0 for English!

(and that's a true bitch ass slap there to me!)

But soon there's something else worst than that; I was proposed to be in the English debate team by our English lecturer! 

Urgh?? What the heck?? 


That was a strike, but sooner I learned that there's an audition to get into that team, and I felt saved already. (Of course I planned to give my worst shot there, so I wouldn't by any chance, will have to risk my chance to pass the audition.) 

And after the audition, I was very sure that I wouldn't get it. Coz the motion I was given was really sucks and I did gave them somekind of weird cockamy ideas of mine. And of course others points are obviously better than mine. Yes, just like I hoped to.

But friends..Surprisingly, unpleasantly, and unexpectedly..

I GOT IT. -______________________-


Tok Esah said...

hahaha, it's okey rite!!! dis is the best opportunity in ur life!! grabs the chance dude!!!!

everything you define me said...

thanks pal. hekhek.

~cuak seyh -________-

NaDWaN said...

hak3..giv a try la..ull improve alot for sure..
pronunciation, ur way of thinkin..bla3..
n....ak ase syaak join gop op??
mantop r shamsian..haha

everything you define me said...

yep yep. beliau join jgk. tp ad fine line between ak ngn dye; dye masuk sbb dye nk, ak msuk tanpa kerelaan!


tp least thats something new in my life..pgalaman la kn..hee

(ct x join pn..:P)

Anonymous said...

ala angoh.. msuk jew la debate tu.. pengalaman tu der..

miss lily said...

hey..tu peluang tu.. jangan la tolak. believe urself k..

follow blog ni yeah

everything you define me said...

da masuk pn. huhu. 25hb ni lawan. aduyaii. heee..

miss lily-thankssss. i'll try my best :)
btw just followed your blog. kinda nice :)