Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poems : High School's Leftovers


This wasn't from the box, but still some of my best shot from high school. Hehe. If you feel like reading, go on but don't taunt me then. K? Haha. (This is totally ridiculuos, just this is the first time I'm publishing my writings to the public and I'm feeling like I'm just telling you my dirty little secret, that, I'm surprisingly do have a sense of romance too, a lil bit) Well thats a shame you know! :P

"The Crying Heart"

My heart is now gone,
She kills it by the words blown,
Since that I'm alone,
And the sadness are just born,
In my heart filled with a deep lovelorn.

As I bring my eyes to the turbulent sea,
The waves slightly bring shells back to the deep,
And my mind starts to role memories.

If just they can wash this sadness,
Till this heart bleed less,
Doctors means nothing in this case,
To wipe this crying heart from this mess.

*                    *                    *

<  Awful isn't it? I don't know what I got in mind when I wrote this 3 years ago, but frankly, when I reread it I found it didn't even satisfy a poem. Haha. Awful. Whatever. Its still my high school writing anyway, so I'm still posting it. But it wasn't so bad I guess, coz its still have the same rhythm on the back. Hehe. Ugh, okay, fine, honestly, its bad =(   >


Since they are 6 till they say goodbye,
They keep doing it, as they had to try,
From lovely kindergarten to a complicated university they face by,
To achieve the goal of their life.

God's creation called human had to learn,
As they don't want to be foolen,
By some damned men,
When that happened they had to take the lesson,
And taught it to the next generations.

Having knowledge is one of the factors,
That solves matter,
That makes us mature,
And also, thats brighten our future,
In lives before death and after.

Now keep up what you are doing,
And makes lazy means nothing,
Remember the time is ticking,
So, lets start our learning!

*                    *                    *

< This is form 4's, if I weren't mistaken. So you judge =)  >

"What I Tries To Say"

I have a love,
Between me and she,
Or maybe,
Between a hoping boy,
And a loving girl.

I have a feel,
Between myself and nobody,
Between my eyes and my heart,
But since something fishy,
Seems that I'm alone,
One-sided love and nobody realized.

I have a thought,
Between me and she,
Somebody exist,
Thought thats full of doubt,
Thought of maybe,
And wild beated heart alerted,
'Nothings impossible on world'.

And as I'm holding that words,
My well-functionedbrain plays its role,
'Is it possible she loves me?',
And its answering positively,
Curiosity starts ruling my mind,
Finding of hiding answers besides appearing questions.

Before I steps into the class,
I saw the apple of my heart,
My feet suddenly frozen,
Ans she saw me too,
On her lips was a smile,
And I received positive reaction,
Just before I was over the moon.

This morning was a letter on my desk,
Lovely letter but nameless writer,
It was a letter of beautiful words,
It was a letter of romance,
Till that day I learned,
Her eyes were always on me,
And till that day I discovered,
What a beautiful love!

*                    *                    *

<   Haha.You know what, this is what I mean by being hilarious. Don't you see how I hate to be such this melodramatic? I really do, but it was Form 4's, and I was completely such a nerd, naive and innocent. So don't blame me. I was just such a desperado for some loving.. erm on that moment, of course. I'm no longer so, okay? XD >

Well thats all I'm sharing for now. I think I pulled up something just now , my back suddenly hurts. I can't take it, I'm leaving on for now. Bye ~