Friday, November 5, 2010

A Box Of High School Memories

Assalamua'laikum w.b.t.

Time could never be enrolled back, the only pieces it left to prove its existence is memories. I knew and I love my high school memories, coz there were no doubt to say that all the moment I had in my high school is distinctively unique and wonderful. I lived my life as a growing up adolescent to the fullest there, in my high school. There I found friendship, courage, respect, mirth, and even love.

I couldn't anticipate if I would still have a clear pictures about those sweet memories in the future for next 20 or 30 years, so I've made a special box in commemorating these wonderful memories.

Yeah, its just a skinny box, but size doesn't matter. Its still a special box to me, coz I got all I need in it to go back into my favourite teenage life's pastimes; my schooling life. Here are what I got in the box, just a special and rare of my late high school's leftovers :

High school health record
Monthly Fees Record
This is one special book; dot games! We always used to
play this game in class while teachers are not around ;p

Special letters (some of them are really kind of sweet memories to me =))

My note books (form 4- form 5)

My school library card (proving I've been there at least, once ;p)

Special cards I got in high school

My School Pax Number Pack (I've never change my number since then, till now)

My last class timetable 

Some old pictures of me

L sticker for my bike (in remembrance of me riding my bike to school everyday, with this L licence ;p)

Compass (me and my friends had once used this compass while hiking and jungle trekking)

This online CD game worth only RM2 (Got it last year)

My favourite buttons

Nostalgic Adhesive Glue (cost only 50cents, but theres something special about it ;p)

Youth School Club's

My high school old handphone (it had been worn out)

Old MP3 player

My best and precious Parker pen


Worn out card reader

Special 1971's coin

You might see nothing special about these, but to me it worth a lot of memories. So I'm keeping it safe and sound in the box for the next 20 years, just so I'll never forget anything about it.

(I'm kinda missing my schooling life =P)

Thats all for now.

Assalamua'laikum. TC.


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