Friday, December 3, 2010

Guitar Enthusiast

Yeah, currently I'm still at home. Something unpredictable happened, so I'm still here and not yet there. (iskk)

Okay okay, by now, actually, I should have been in my room B443, Camellia Court, Bandar Baru Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, most probably on my studying desk right now, preparing something for my incoming weekly tests and quizzes. But it was fated and not anticipated that, something has just happened, blocking my way to my lovely apartment approximately 479 kilometres away from this spot, (which I think I don't want to share why), and so, here I am. Wandering my thought around my imaginations, doing nothing.

But I believe I'll be back to my place soon, which is most likely by next week I'll be no longer here.

I've been home and still home for a month, and you could imagine how bored I was. I thought of something to do to get me going this long holiday, or else I'll die in my own boredom. ( I'm pretty serious)

Out of desperation, someone's suddenly kind enough to help me and then left me an old hunk of wood. Yeah, it was an old acoustic guitar, an I thought maybe it would be such a great idea. By the way I never play a guitar for ages, so maybe it would be just nice. So I took it and killed my time hanging out with this guitar in my room, looking for chords and songs to play all the time till now.

(Now I suddenly got a new freaking nice hobby; strumming the strings. :P)

My new best buddy

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cam kenai...haha