Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging : What Does It Supposed To Mean?

"But it doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t blog just to prison myself in my own personal asylum, feeling guilty whenever I didn’t update my blog. Who cares? Real bloggers blog for the passion. When you feel like updating, you update, when you don’t have the desire, just don’t."

Well thats not mine, just one of my friend's very own thought about bloggers who keep blogging for their own satisfactory, or just to keep his followers around. Surprisingly, I think he was right. Bloggers should never feel obliged to keep his blog updated all the time to satisfy others but themselves. Its shouldn't be considered as a must-do, (well that sounds troublesome to me), obviously not. It should be such place for the bloggers to express his pleasure by sharing their thoughts personally, not to hope someone will read it, but for his own passion. Thats what real bloggers do.

(I really think he was saying that to me on purpose, so if really so, thanks in return)

But anyway, its really doesn't matter to me. I'm not here for fame or looking forward for more people to follow my blogsite, I'm here coz I'm naturally loves writing. So why don't make a blog and so I can write all the time, anything I want, anytime I'm pleased. Books? Diary? Journal? Well folks, to me, my blogs are literally all of those three being compiled together. I have written all of those, my personal writings, articles, autobiographies, and everything related to me. So it is some kind of diary as well. The only difference is it is better; it don't get old, and termites can't eat it up. Its safer here online =)


faathah said...

fuh.i agree with u
feel free to express anything.
this is yours.

everything you define me said...

hehe. thanks pal.