Sunday, October 31, 2010

What A Total Retreat

Assalamua'laikum w.b.t.

Greetings to all bloggers. May Allah bless all of you in His Most Graciousness.

I'm sorry for having no posts as updates for almost 2 weeks. I'm so busy along those weeks, trying to prepare something for my Final Semester Exam (which currently had become a history to me). Well actually its such a tragic history to be remembered, for real, so I'm not bringing it up (never!) Its all about Physics and Maths which I think had never had any mercy on me, yeah, such a naughty wicky tricky exam papers! Hate you damn much!

By the way, what a good riddance you're gone. I have nothing else to breed my hate on.

Talking about exams, there were something else that I haven't told you before. Till now I still couldn't believe myself that I've done it all over. Yeah, its the MUET SPEAKING exam thing! Ever since I walked away from the examination hall, I knew that all the time I spent in fearing that moment was really worthwhile ( well at least, for a while). Haha know what I mean? I've made it! Yeehaww! Alhamdulillah..

Although I knew its not my best shot, but at least, I got the shot. The first time I walked in and saw groups of people sitting in their curiosity, I was almost trembled, yeah like a leaf. But it was so not because of being shy (no time to be so! I'm so busy getting nervous on that time), it was because among all of them, NONE of them were Tamhidians (juniors like me). All of them were seniors, degree students, and they looked so well-prepared. When I sit among of them, I felt smaller and smaller. Huhu. What a situation I was in, so unexpected. On that particular time, I really have a feel that I stand no chance at all to beat them. Yeah, with my broken Terengganu slanged English, and I don't think so. Almost totally hopeless.

Worst, I was allocated to be Candidate A in the first group to be tested on that day. Meaning? I have to start the discussion, conversation and arguments and also, by being Candidate A, I will have nothing to compare to. For other candidates, they can easily wait, listen and write down my points to argue later but me?? Nothing, so i expect my points to be very weak and could easily be threaten by those seniors.

But Thank God, it wasn't as bad as expected, (and I've even gave Candidate C and D some of my best! Hehe..) Alhamdulillah..

Now, I'm so free, liberated and got nothing to do. And damn thats so great! Most importantly I can be on the line for all the day, manage my sole beloved blog, mess around the Facebook, check out the Youtube, and there's so many more to get me going along these holidays! Books? If you show me one, I'll be in no regret to punch you square on the face! Haha.. No man, I'll be off the studying mode till the next semester. I want to have peace in my mind right now and enjoy my life to the fullest with nothing more to worry about. Okay?

By the way, I'm thinking of bringing something new to this blog. I want to, hm, maybe make some renovation in this old blog, as I haven't made one since the first time I published this blogsite. Well probably I'll change the link, layouts, widgets etc. Coz I've getting bored to see the same thing everytime I'm here. And since I'm damn so free right now, I'll be here with my online carpentry kit for some long time, okay.

This blog will be in her new clothes soon. InsyaAllah, later.

Okay dude. Thats all I got for now. Bye.


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