Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Am Going To Do??



I had a headache.. Maybe coz the lecture hall was too freezing.. Freezing me to death, as always..Even I had my sweater on, but there are no different at all.. ( I hate DKS 1.5!!)

That night I had a bad feeling on myself.. Oh no, I got a fever... And that night I didn't study anything.. That was worrying.. The exams were coming, in two more days.. Ohh..


I woke up dizzily this morning.. Still feverish.. Uhh.. Tomorrow I'm gonna have my exams, but I couldn't study yet.. How pathetic..

Ya Allah.. Help me.. What to do now.. Just hoping that I will be back to health by tonight.. Tonight was the only chance for me to study something, at least, prepare something for tomorrow..


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