Friday, July 9, 2010

Last But Not Least

Finally I've made it! Thank God.. Alhamdulillah.. Both worrying exams of the week, Biology and Maths had finally over..  And both were exams which I had the least studies on them, ever since I've been studying here in USIM, reasoning from the bad fever I just recovered just now.. Uhh, I couldn't imagine how my results gonna be.. Hopefully it wouldn't gonna be too bad..

Well, anyway, I can't be too comfit with that coz I know, being here, exams are plenty enough for me to stay relax. In every single week, there shall be at least one exam.. Yeah, in which it means that in every week I had here, I will have to work on my studies for the exams almost all the time. But if that sounds troubling to you, you should think about all the assignments and workloads that are accumulating on my desk everyday, every week.. So yes, it is troubling...! So so troubling..

Till now I still don't get it why on earth the singer, Lenka says that 'trouble is a friend' in her song.. Huhu..


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Aku Kau said...

relaxx ~