Thursday, November 17, 2011


As a cranky son, I don't always think a father's life would be much easier than it looks. I find my father for instance, unpredictable. Though as a father's son I usually think I've known my father well, but I still can't explain why sometimes it would be very hard to anticipate what he had in mind.
"What goes around comes around"

Thats karma, thats life. Where whatever you did, you would just get the same thing in return. You pay someone a good deed, the very same thing he'll give you. You dare to commit wrong things, be dare to face the music too. Everything bought, must be paid. That is the law of a worldly life. 

But guess what, that law doesn't apply to a father. You see, I'm a cranky son, I misbehaved a lot. I don't always agree with my father. He says white,and I see black. I am a rebellious son when I was younger. When there were some things that I asked from my father but he objected, I got clamped up real quick and try to show how angry I was as apparent as I could. Slammed door, whines and sinister smiles, anything. 

Sometimes when my father perceived my protests such so, I would got punished instantly. Recalling the strokes of rattan, locked doors from inside, and other punishments I got when I was younger had always left a mark in myself. I always thought that he hated me badly.

But I was actually got deceived by my own negative mind. Despite of all the punishments my father gave me that I assumed before were how he manifest his hates towards me, he actually bought me a cake for my birthdays, give me presents when I excelled something and always be late to work because he sent me to school on the first place for like, everyday! There was some times before that I heard that his boss had always called him at the office and mad at him for being always late to work. You know how it made you think when you know you're the main reason why your father always late to work and he had to face the boss every time. Because of you.

Since then I don't see any hates anymore. It was just me.

Now you see how that karma doesn't work to a father, to my father. Whatever I gave him, no matter how cranky, how bad, how naughty I was, he'll will just give me one and only; a fathers love.

(Even though the punishments are still following~ XD)

"Dear father, this Dean List is for you.."

>>I really hope some day I will be able to post a status update in my Facebook, like that :)

Love ya, father. Whatever you do, you're always my hero. <3


NaDWaN said...

gud luck bro!!

everything you define me said...

Thanks nad~ Amin

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Anonymous said...

"Dear father, this Dean List is for you.." - insyallah will so soon be our status. Yea amin.

everything you define me said...

:) Lets work for it! :)

Cahaya Mata Abdullah said...


semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan bakal ayah yang penyayang ~