Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exam Zombies

 Ahh.. Here comes the exam seasons! Know what does it means? The rat race had just blazed its trail! This is the moment where people become weirdly conscientious in their studies; staying up all night long like zombies and breaking their bones trying to grasp and memorize something from those thick books, all the time. 

And the next morning they drag themselves into the examination hall and fill all the blanks in the sheet with their heavy eyes, extremely craving for some sleeps. 3 hours later, they race back to their hostel and snored. Everything they read the previous night then, every single thing they had occupied the blanks with in the exam hall, will be erased. The next day, they face another book till dawn for another paper, occupied the blanks with everything they read, and snored. 

And the cycle continued till the last day of exam..

Now here's a couple of questions to ask:

"Getting stuck in the loony system, does it makes the student academically excellent?"


"When the result is announced, does the students' CGPA's reflects with their true academic excellence"?

Well, they're not excellent, they're just good in memorizing things. Later on, after the particular papers, everything will be forgotten.

Exam-oriented studies don't create an academically excellent student, they create zombies.

The systems sucks isn't it?  >.<


adysuR said...

Don't memorize. Just scanf. Then the knowledge will be stored in your memory. Haha.

everything you define me said...

I really wish I could "like" the comment above. :P